Monday, August 28, 2006

Attendance up to now

Take a look at number 6............................................Verdy lost almost 2/3 of their fan base from last season. Being out of contention might do that to a team.

順  チーム  今 年  昨 年   増 減
01  仙 台. 14,990. 15,934   -944 ▼
02  札 幌. 10,090. 11,133  -1,043 ▼
03   柏    7,908. 12,492  -4,584 ▼
04  鳥 栖  6,701  7,855  -1,154 ▼
05  神 戸  5,975. 14,913  -8,938 ▼
06  東京V  5,644. 14,716  -9,072 ▼
07  湘 南  5,636  5,746   -110 ▼
08  山 形  5,462  5,949   -487 ▼
09  横 浜  4,472  5,938  -1,466 ▼
10  愛 媛  3,925  2,844  +1,081 △
12  草 津  3,684  3,959   -275 ▼
11  徳 島  3,487  4,366   -879 ▼
13  水 戸  2,953  3,334   -381 ▼


Nick said...

Attendances are probably down but I think a lot of it has to do with not playing Reds and Marinos and the away followings being considerably less rather than Verdy drastically losing support.Ever since ive been going (since around 2000) we have always been a weakling in terms of numbers compared to others in J1.I don`t think there is that much of a drop off as I dont reckon we attracted to many glory hunters even after we won the Emperors Cup!! When playing the further away teams from the far corners of Japan Oita or Hiroshima for example,attendance were never that big. However saying this you might be right as,when I went to the Shonan game,the two guys who I ALWAYS see at the front with the guys with the mics werent there. They are easy to spot too as one guy has no teeth and the other is has the biggest mouth in the Verdy support.He doesnt need a mic to get the chant going!! If those guys arent there then we are in trouble!! The guys I was speaking with at the Shonan game aren`t happy with Ramos either. Hes not a popular guy these days.

Ultranippon said...

I think if we go to J1 people will go to support Verdy, but if we stay another season in J2 no one will go to see Verdy... :'(

Hunter said...

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