Friday, September 08, 2006

Keep, Cut, or question-Goalkeepers

With 3 teams seperating Verdy from a chance at promotion and an almost insurmountable double digit point deficit staring the Vultures square in the melon, Soilent Green thought it would be interesting to evaluate who should stay, who should go, and who just is so inconsistent that we can't wrap our minds around it. Anyhow let's start the fun with keepers

Yoshinari Takagi- The artist formerly known as the dandelion has been a solid contributor to the squad this year. While he hasn't been as stellar as Reysols Yuta Minami or Yokohama FC stalwart Takenori Sugeno, his play has been the one bright spot in an especially porous defense. Speculation is that Takagi will be back between the pipes tomorrow when Verdy takes on the FC in a must win match. Even with his recent stumble, Takagi has proven that he is more than up to the task of being a keeper in the second division. Another factor is his age......27.....which is still relatively young for a keeper. One of the few guys who grew up in the Verdy system, I doubt he gets cut or leaves for J1

The verdict: KEEP

Hiroki Mizuhara-The older head in the two headed monster that manned Verdy's nets. Mizuhara has been less than impressive in his appearances for the mighty green. Soft goals to Sagan Tosu has to have Ramos wondering if there isn't something better out there (or in-house) for Verdy. The high point of his career was leading Yokohama FC in J2. 6 years ago. He'd be a good back-up for a team with a young keeper and no hopes of promotion but not in a team that needs a strong threat to push the number 1.

The verdict: CUT

Takaya Kurokawa- This guy HAS got to be thinking that 2006 was a complete waste of a season. Kurokawa hasn't even gotten a sniff in first team action and has no chance for sattelite play with the decision not to field a squad in the J Sattelite league. If Kurokawa misses the next 12 games, it would be the first time in his professional history that he did not perform in any matches. He's on a one year loan and most likely, not eager for a second, I question if he deserves it but..........

The verdict: CUT

Satoshi Tokizawa- 4th keeper is a project. Been with squad for 2 years and gets some action in practice games. At 21, he has a ton of good years left if he can show he can compete. Maybe not ready for any starts but might compete for 2nd or 3rd string next year.

The Verdict: KEEP

GK Coach Shinkichi Kikuchi- From what I've seen, he has done a good job with the keepers. Takagi looks worlds better than last season...................I also think a coach can only do so much with the materials provided

The verdict: KEEP

FINAL ANALYSIS- Verdy needs some sort of talent upgrade and competition for Takagi......Mizuhara is definetely not it. If the squad drops the game vs. Yokohama and maybe the game versus Ehime or Montedio, it might be time to see if the 3rd and 4th guys can cut it.

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Nick said...

I saw the "soft goal" against Tosu on the highlight show last God what a howler. Im not sure if you`ve seen it but I was shocked.If that man ever plays for us again it will be suicide!! That man is U-S-E-L-E-S-S!! Who else can take a backpass,try to backheel the ball,"lose it" from the end of your toe,don`t know where it has gone only for a stiker to run in and kick it in the net.Pathetic!! He must make a great cup of tea cos he can`t be employed for his goalkeeping skills!!
As for the last quarter of the season,I expect a win here a loss there and a mid table fizzle out. A long season will draw to a close with a whimper,we will regroup next year with new hope,probably a ruck of new players and hopefully a decent shot at the top end of the table. This season has been ultimately unsuccessful but thats the great thing about footy,there is always next year!!Decent game last night I thought, saw it on TV we had a 100 per cent penalty as well in the second half.Nevermind.Onwards and Upwards the Boys will start marching on again next season!!