Thursday, September 21, 2006

K,C, or ??????????????? the midfield

Let's just dive right in-

Kento Tsurumaki-youth player under 20, hasn't appeared in a real game

Verdict:why not.....keep him

Masatomo Kuba- Had a rough spell near the end of his first team time but has a spark and hustles. I like him as the second or third sub off the bench when a boost is needed. in the right role, he'd be really effective. Still only 22, I like him

Verdict: keep him

Tetsuhiro Kina- Ohhhhhhh, not a fun player to watch at all. I HATE when Kina comes into a game. For a veteran player he is really ineffective and kills numerous drives.

Verdict: get rid of him......tonight

Shingo Nejime: He falls in the Kuba category. Good D mid, probably more effective off the bench. Homegrown kid, put him with Kuba and that's the start of a decent midfield for years if allowed to grow.

Verdict:keep him

Shin Kanazawa: He had a rough beginning to his Verdy career but showed alot of heart and fought his way back into the starting lineup. As a big fan of the Orange squirrels of Saitama, it has truly been a pleasure to watch Omiya's prince grow into a strong defensive midfielder. This one is a question mark for me because (as usual) I have no clue what Miura is thinking.

Verdict: ?

Harutaka Ono: "The Captain" was downright pathetic in the early stages of his regime. Ono managed to turn it around but suffered a devastating injury midseason that has rendered him inactive to this day. If one player epitomizes the Rui regime, it is Herr Ramos handpicked leader, erratic and sometimes brilliant but broken and disappointing in the final verdict. That being said, Ono is a perfect complimentary midfielder. Take off the leadership burden and I think Ono would produce next year.

Verdict: Keep

Marcus: Is this the foreign equivalent of Ono? I wondered why Kawasaki let him go and Verdy got him on the cheap but recent performaces are starting to unfortunately show glimmers of why Marcus isn't top division. Too erratic for the top shelf and sometimes is prone to bad judgement. Kind of a selfish player but that's not a bad thing for an attacker.

Verdict: Better than what was here before (Anailson, etc...) ehhhh...keep him

Ze Luis- Not my favorite player and I really don't know if he's a d mid or a branch player but he's growing on me. the goals don't hurt.

Verdict: Why not, keep him

Tomo Sugawara- I like him alot, not the most skilled player in the world but he's one of the veteran "character" guys that actually has produced. He was able to fill in as a defender but plays better as a mid.

Verdict: keep him

Masahiro Ohashi- If they played every game in the National Stadium, I'd keep him but alas they don't. Sooooooooooooooo erratic. He's kind of a soft player, too. Killer free kick but not much else.

Verdict: cut

Hideki Nagai- I hated this signing at the beginning. Wow an old retread coming back to Verdy......great! But he turned me around. I kind of like him on the squad....he's slow but he's gutty and smart. 20 to 40 minutes is about all he's good for but it's enough.

Verdict: Keep

Toda (Sanfrecce Hiroshima), Tamano and Ono (Tokushima Vortis)- Toda can stay in Sanfrecce forever, don't care to see him again. I would like to see him play for Atletico Madrid just so Beckham has nightmares. Tamano and Ono are guys I'd like to see come back......if they could get playing time. Tokushima twins are a question.


Nick said...

On the cut or keep its so difficult to think of anyone who we must 100 per cent do our best to hang on to. The vast majority could be lost and most people wouldn`t shed a tear...I would say keeps include (from the back) Takagi (always entertaining,scored a goal,looks good in pink,is turning into a bit of a legend and occasionally brilliant)Ishikawa,Togawa(they can both do a job at this level). Midfield I would take,Nejime and Marques Nejime puts the spade work in and Marques has an eye for a pass,keep Auba and Kuba too.Forwards Hiramoto,Silva and Saito. So from the 457 players Ramos has taken on this year Id keep these nine as a core, hope that Ramos would choose a starting 11 next year instead of a starting bunch of 25 and go from there.I think the team needs stability and its not gonna get it if Ramos changes his mind every week. He needs to find his best 11 and stick with it.
Guys to 100 per cent get rid of include Mizuhara if that guy kicks a ball again for Verdy we know this team is going nowhere but down...Yanagisawa I kind of liked but he`s done nothing for years (scored a cracker against Reysol a few years back though...) Nagai, too old,too fat,too slow (sorry but the odd 20 minutes now and again isn`t enough for me, I`d rather see a youngster out there giving it his all, Hagimura (he`s just crap),Mitsuwaara (couldn`t hit a barn door,too lightweight).
As for everybody else,Id say if they stay OK,if they go OK. Im looking forward to next season already,with renewed hope and ill be interested to see who ACTUALLY does come and go.If this season is anything to go by,the winter is gonna be very busy!! Also how about Ramos coming or going?? I reckon if results go as this season,his head`ll be on the line pretty early.If he doesn`t decide to pack in at the end of this season.
ps As a mark of how low we have sunk free tickets were being haned out at Chofu festival recently.This in itself is not a bad thing as we need as many supporters as possible but FC Tokyo were doing the same thing. FC Tokyo tickets were printed glossy official affairs and ours were cheapo photocopid on an ancient printer and hand stamped affairs. We can`t even afford decent printers these days!!

SMB said...

I'm wondering if Verdy might go belly up with the mismanagement and the fan malaise. I dunno if FC Tokyo Verdy United 2010 is in our future.

Nagai is a fat bastard and that dye job is pretty bad but I kind of like him as a player......maybe it's because I know Ramos has to have a really old Verdy throwback on the team and he thinks
Kina qualifies.

Estaforo Verdista put his picks up as well, I might post his for comparison.

Nick said...

Ive thought the same thing as per Verdys long term viability,Id hate to see it and honestly I dont think it will happen. I think everybody has to realise we are (at the moment) a distinctly average J2 team and the name iteself and winning the first two J League titles and even the Empereors Cup a couple of years back means NOTHING now.We have to return next season with new hope,a knowing that no one has a right to be in J1 without earning it,ditch the crap guys and start again. If things arent looking good 8 or 9 games in, ditch Ramos,hire a trained chimp and see how we go.

ps on the bright side though,Ive managed to get get time off work and me and the wife are off to Sapporo Dome on November 23rd for the Consadole game. Ive always wanted to go since England beat Argentina there in 2002 but till now have never had any reason to go. As Ive said before its not all bad in J2!!!Swings and roundabouts,glass half empty glass half full???

SMB said...

If you get a chance, go early so you can see them move the field plate from the outside to the inside......and go and check out the observation deck inside the can see all of Sapporo.

I will be staying in saitama. I will however be going to see Omiya's old friend Leandro play today against the green giants

No Marcus for this game.....El Golazo is speculating that Kina (eek) will be the starter.

Ultranippon said...

I believe if we play nice and go to J1, more fans will go to our Stadiums. FC Tokyo isn't a super squad, they aren't the Urawa Reds or Gamba Osaka. Don't worry Nick, Steve, next season we will go to J1 and have more and more supporters.I think Verdy has a good team, only we need a central defender and, maybe a midfielder. And a lot of self-confindence!!

Mata ne! ¡Vamos Verdy!