Friday, June 23, 2006

Today's lineup and another foreign signing?

Verdy blog and Kazu1968 are both reporting that recently released Kawasaki Frontale striker Marcus is possibly going to sign and make his debut with the club on July 1st in Yokohama.

Kazu link here

Verdyblog link here

Maybe they released RICKHIKI because of the uniform shotage?

Marcus had 3 goals in 12 games for Frontale this year at 69 career tallies in 114 J2 games for Albirex and Kawasaki.

Last year he netted 9 goals in 27 league matches and 2 goals in 5 cup matches this year.


A few changes today..........Takagi and the back 4 of Ishikawa, Togawa, Hagimura, and Kaimoto stay intact.

The midfield sees Kanazawa and the injured Ono replaced by Kuba and Sugawara, Ohashi and Nejime remain in the starting lineup. Finally Basilio is reunited with Hiramoto in hopes of reviving a stagnant strike rate.

Big Marty and Shin find themselves on the bench with Mizuhara, Hiroyama, and Fujita......looks like Togawa and Hagimura have a short leash today considering a D mid and 2 defenders are on the bench today.

We shall see.

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