Saturday, June 24, 2006

HULKAMANIA!!!!!!!!!! Verdy vs Consadole/Vissel

We first venture to Ajinomoto stadium to see Verdy against Vissel and the bathing beauty that is Pavel "HORVY" Horvath..............according to the box scores, it looked like Verdy dominated in every aspect except the important one. In the 44th minute, Shigenori Hagimura put in an own goal causing the squad to go down 1-0 going into the locker. The game would see the return of Basilio and (unknown to everyone) the final appearance of Anailson in Green and Gold. Fortunes would turn as Verdy went a man up late, but Korean international Park Kang Jo would grab another goal and push Vissel to an insurmountable 2-0 lead.
Verdy had a chance to redeem themselves in the weekend trip to Sapporo. The team was in a bit of turmoil with the changes that were happening. Today would be the penultimate moment as Verdy saw the additions of Tatsuya Ishikawa (Kashima), Kojiro Kaimoto (Albirex), Ze Luis (San Caetano), Satoshi Nagano (Avispa), and Marcus (Kawasaki). The team would also see the subtraction of Kazunori Iio (Avispa), RICKHIKI, Anailson, and Dedimar. The baffling thing was that the ball seemed to start rolling on the moves in the middle of Verdy's best stretch of football all season. If there has been one trademark of the Ramos Regime, it's turmoil.

With the team in a bit of a funk, Consadole smelled blood and capitalized early as Tomohiko Ikeuchi put in a fairly soft goal on the recently dependable Takagi. 5 minutes later Kenichi Kuba would net the second goal for Mudflap FC as Verdy went into a funk. Kuba would get pulled 7 minutes later. The second half would see HULKAMANIA run wild (no not the wrestler or the green guy, but the man with the awful Afro......and I don't mean Rui). Hulk would net his first goal in the 53rd minute and his second on a PK that was just missed by Takagi in the 78th minute. In between this Kaimoto would pick up 2 yellows and earn some rest for the upcoming bloodbath at KAZUMIURA FC.......nice job!

4-0 was the final and if your keeping score at home 10-1 in the last 3 games. Verdy finds themselves 15 points from the top and 13 from the bottom. With the win, Consadole moves up to 5th at 32 points, with Kashiwa (46), YokoFC (43), Vegalta (39), and Vissel (37) all moving up.

Sattlelite vs. Keio University

The game today saw Ze Luis in green as the 2nd team pummeled Keio U 7-0. Kimura netted 2 goals against college boys, Maatsura (2), Hayama, Ze Luis, and Mihara also notched scores.

Kazu1968 has pictures here including pictures of RICKHIKI and Mateus sitting around in street clothes.

Next up is a night game on Saturday, July 1st in Yokohama. I think I might go!

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