Monday, June 12, 2006

An old friend checks in!

Our Amigo from Spain, Ultra Nippon, got a chance to watch the Kashiwa match and had a few thoughts.

Ultranippon has left a new comment on your post "Soilent Green-Behind Enemy Lines!!!!!! Kashiwa vs Verdy": Hello! I saw I video of this match and, for my point of view, the first shot of Hiramoto was a goal! I saw the ball was in the net, wasn't it? I think Ramos has find the best 11, the last 3 matches were brilliant and I though we were able to win at Kashiwa but Hagimura and Togawa were too bad, they aren't bad defenders but their last match was horrible. Ishikawa and Kaimoto are good players, they're offensive and have quality for playing football but are they as good defending? Verdy should forget this match and continue playing as the last 3 matches! :D With Basilio the team would have more goal, I don't know what's up with Basilio :S Nice to write again!! I was busy celebrating the victory of Barça in Europe :D. Tomorrow plays Japan against the socceroos... GANBARE NIPPON, VAMOS VERDY!!PD: Thanks a lot for your blog!! It's the only way to know how Verdy plays.

Thanks for the reply Ultra.......How did you get video in Spain? I have trouble getting it here!


Nick said...

Im reading too, keep it up!!,ive been busy lately and not had time to write in!! Looked good against Sendai,comedy penalty incident,linesman was spot on Sendai goalie came forward on BOTH penalties.Not sure he`ll be welcome to ref a game up there eh!!
Kashiwa was a nightmare, game over after 10 minutes!! Just watched the Japan game, Nakata and Yanagisawa should be shot upon their return to Narita.The wife is down the gun shop as we speak!!For a supposed "Team Leader" Nakata is truly terrible!! He was the worst player on the field tonight.Shocker!!

Ultranippon said...

Hello! A friend of (a web page of Japanese supporters in Spanish) gave me that video :D, he's a supporter of Consadole and so he put on the web all matches of Consadole and Verdy, our second division clubs :S

Ultranippon said...

Exactly! This Nakata isn't the Nakata who played for AS Roma! Is this his twin¿¿ I prefer Ogasawara instead Nakata.