Friday, June 23, 2006

RICKHIKI, We hardly knew ya!

The Verdy Blog found this little nugget buried on the J League page

It looks like RIKIHIKI has been ERASIONED (that's how babelfish translated the word)

He played in 3 games........I saw him in 1 and thought he was rough but had good speed and power. It's a little hard to keep young foreign talent because they count as spots that can be used for quality imports like........y'know......Dedimar (OHHHHHHHH, I hope he gets shown the door soon).

I hope RICKHIKI can catch on with a lower tier J2 or up and coming JFL squad (Ehime has no foreign players on the books right now........I think it would be a good fit).

Anyhow, Here's hoping Kid Rick has success in his future.


estafadorverdista said...

Can Richy leave Verdy ?

SMB said...

yeah.........the j league had him released but the verdy site still has him listed

I'll have to go out to yomiuriland and see if he's around