Thursday, June 22, 2006

OFFTOPIC:Don't tread on this

45 minutes are left in the 2006 World Cup season for Team USA. 45 minutes until the floodgates open and every Eurosnob, effete Jogophile, and soccer hating,unibrow having, golf is a sport thinking cro-magnon will crawl out from under the collective rocks they live under and slither around cackling about the downfall. And there is not much I can say. Scoreboard. 2-1 Ghana so far.

Claudio Reyna finally broke down. Landon Donovan, the face and flagbearer of US Soccer has been a pale,sad shadow of his former self. Brian McBride, the warrior personified has had the spirit but not the legs. I'm disappointed my boys came out so sluggish in the first game and I'm tempted to blame the refs for two arguable reds and a pathetic penalty call but it really falls on the head of Bruce Arena and the players.

There are glimmers of hope.......Clint Dempsey has been stellar in the two games he played. Ben Olsen has been a good find and Eddie "Grown A$$ Man" Johnson has been teasingly good in the short span of game he has played. The Italy tie was one of the proudest stands for the club. Unfortunately the sum of results won't be as great as the parts of hope that slivered through. 30 minutes left before we have to watch the second round of diving and thrashing.'s hoping the 2010 campaign is much more successful......DON'T TREAD ON THIS!

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