Friday, June 16, 2006

Camping Fun!!!!!!!!

Currently Verdy is at one of the National Team training grounds (I think) having a mini-camp. The team was fortunate to get an 11 day break because of scheduling nd the bye.

Thursday saw them take on dynamic lads of Ryutsu Keizai University who are currently in the lower eschelon of JFL........their slogan (I think I wrote it before) is BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME. I'm not sure if they are speaking to their opponents or their team.

Anyhow it was a 45 minute/30 minute X 2 set, which saw Verdy come out victorious. The Ryutsu site is reporting a 1-0 score, while Verdy is reporting a 5-0 score. Guys who (allegedly) scored for Verdy include Saito(Huzzah), Anailson, Basilio(Hey he's not dead after all!), Hiroyama, and mystery Mateus. I don't know much about Mateus but I did see a guy with long hair in a Verdy road uniform at either the Consadole or Shonan match scrimmaging with the reserves. I'm not sure if that's him or not. Other news coming out of camp is that Ze Luis is with the team scrimmaging and Seitaro Tomisawa is also getting some action after a long, long injury.

Camp wraps up soon and Verdy prepares for Vissels visit on Wednesday. Ajinomoto 7pm, I won't be in attendance but I'll try to catch the game on NTV at 1:45 am. Good Times!


Nick said...

Kind of strange Saturday night without the boys in Green. Am well enjoying the World Cup though!! Reminder of how football SHOULD be played!! After seeing the best players in the world im kind of scared to go back to watching Verdy v Numpty FC with 2,000 in attendance!! That said July is gonna be a Verdy fest for myself,2nd v Yokohama,8th v Sagan and 16th v I cant remember are all marked down as can do`s on the calender!! I was hoping a good performance from Japan in Germany would maybe put a few extra bums on seats,however after the Australia game it doesnt look like thats gonna happen. Have to say Ultra Nippon your boys looked impressive the other night!! 4 goals and an excellent performance against what everyone would consider a strong team. Made them look like schoolboys! I just hope England can get something like a decent performance together when we meet the big teams!! we win but with no style at the moment. Still i`ll take a crappy win over a stlyish 4-3 loss everytime!! 3 points is the most important thing and we are through so can`t complain too much.Best game in the world boys!! Enjoy the feast!!What do you think about Spains chances?? How is the mood in Spain?? In England everyone expects at least the semi finals and to be fair if we can`t do it now with the players we have,then we never will again. Argentina looked very impressive last night. Looking forward to the knockouts when the big boys meet and the REAL excitement happens.Im guessing you are following USA Steve?? Tell me if Im wrong, but I thought it was gonna be tough for the USA to qualify when I saw the draw and after the result the other night,even tougher unfortunately.

SMB said...

I'm going to those three games as well.......Yokohama is on the 1st, Tosu and then another home game vs Vortis Tokushima. I did watch Portugal/Iran tonight and Englands first game against Paraguay. England was a snoozer, they seemed to take the air out of the ball.....cristian Ronaldo looked like he was realllllllly trying to get into a Joga Bonito commercial with all the fancy dribbling and nutmegging tonight.

The US are probably gonna get knocked out tonight. Bad draw.....we should have been seeded over Mexico instead of being stuck in the group of Death 2. I don't think the players were mentally ready for what was coming which is pretty sad. The one good thing is that we face Italy after we got drubbed by Czech nation and not the other way around. Of the two squads, I think Italy is weaker than the Czech offense machine.

Spain, Argentina, and the Czechs all look tough right now but I think the Netherlands will be the team that wins it all (unless the fix is in and Germany is preordained to get the cup........ Cough*FRANCE*Cough

Anyhow I kinda enjoy the lower levels of soccer purgatory more than the World stage. Maybe I just like club footy better than national tourneys.

Nick said...

Im hoping we get Germany in the next round and give them a shoeing on there own turf like last time!! 5-1 (2002 World Cup qualifier)best England game in my lifetime (along with shoeing Holland 4-1 at Euro 96). At the end of the day anyone in the second round has to be half decent,unless Trinidad beat Paraguay and we beat Sweden...) dunno about Holland,can`t see it myself but there is a big group of teams all in with a chance!! In most countries,domestic stuff is important but Euro stuff and I guess Copa America is more important (cos people who normally don`t care about footy start watching) but World Cup is the ultimate!! Ive watched every one since 1982 and have NEVER failed to be on the edge of my seat! Even when we didnt qualify in 94,Scotland and Ireland did, so they were adopted. I think footy in America is still a way behind other nations in general because although there are some REALLY devoted fans there,they are generally few and far between and its not a national "US v THEM" kind of deal.World Cup in England is the biggest thing every four years for the nation as a whole,everyone joins together,streets across the nation are deserted come game time and evryone from grannies to babies go nuts if we win. Verdy schmerdy Come on ENGLAND!! (until we get knocked out on penalties again......)

SMB said...

Soccer IQ is pretty low in the states......there are a ton of idiot sportscasters and fishwrap writers who constantly babble about how boring the beautiful game is and then wax poetically about the drama of golf.......GOLF, for christsakes....fat guys in slacks who are too lazy to carry their own bags, and thats considered more of a sport than football.

If and probably when the US flame out, every mouth breather and dim bulb will have an opinion on how the US sucks and soccer sucks and there will be no acknowledgement that the Czechs and Italy are just very good teams (although truth be told, we did suck in that first game) anyhow, just as long as France and Mexico don't get past the second round, I'll be happy.

I think I like club stuff better because I know the players and have seen em a bunch of times....Eddie Johnson played for the team I support in the US leagues but the rest of the squad kind of elicits a lukewarm feeling......I want my country to become a power but I really don't know much about the style of Claudio Reyna and Landon Donovan is kind of a bed wetter. I care more about what Daigo, Marques, and Manabu Wakabayashi do for Omiya or the success of Shin Kanazawa and Masa
Saito because I've seen them play a bunch of times. I hope to see the day when people in the US come together and root for the nats but we don't have that culture yet ( unless you count the mexican contingent)

Nick said...

Geographical location doesn`t help either when you have to qualify with only ONE other decent team (Mexico) it doesn`t help the US players playing against crappy teams for the most part.We have a multitude of crap teams in Europe (shit we have a multitude in Britain!!) but everyone has to beat SOMEONE to get through.Playing against the best brings out the best in players,Jesus Verdy beat Real Madrid not so long ago...Can you see that happening now??!! I think US` situation is a little the same as Japan and Australia, other sports are dominant (in Australia Aussie rules,rugby and cricket hammer anything else) and footy struggles to get a look in.Even more so if there is nothing to shout about. Aussies generally don`t give a monkeys about footy,they support English teams if anything but as soon as the World Cup began evry Aussie I know over here is mad for it and cheering them on big time.Especially after the game the other night.I think its maybe generally an American thing though as even when the World Baseball Classic was on, loads of the American players couldnt be arsed and people only cared about the Yankees or whoever.A general trait I think.

SMB said...

The confederation thing is a good point.....but away games in Concacaf are far from easy. The US players get hit with coins, batteries and urine bombs every time they visit Guatemala so the pressure is there to a point but yeah, it would help if Canada or Honduras/Guatemala would get their act together more and put out quality teams.

We do have a primadonna culture when it comes to athletes and a bandwagon mentality as far as our fans go.....MLS doesn't get support because it's seen as a "minor league" and if they're gonna spend money on a sport it's only gonna be for the best. It's a crap mentality and a reflection on a culture that has the attention span of about 10 seconds.

We are starting to get the Man U/Real Madrid creep into american soccer culture. People shelling out money for Real rags instead of supporting the US clubs. Not crazy about it at all.

I shudder to think of a Verdy/Real match......maybe if they beat Vissel Kobe first.

Nick said...

USA to go through anyone!!!Not so impossible now!!

SMB said...

Yes....I'm very happy about the point. Ghana looks tough though although they have 2 starters out for yellow accumulation. I also think the US might look like Verdy on a bad day with 2 defenders out for the next match.....the second round in Europe would be amazing for this squad......Have to root for Italy to beat Czech nation even though I hate Italy.

I'm happier now than a couple of days ago!

Ultranippon said...

Hello my friends! In Spain, before the World Cup, people didn't believe in the Spanish National Team... the 11 of Luis Aragones played too slowly without scoring too much goals, they played boring games :S. But with the 4-0 against Ucraine people tend to believe that Spain is the number one in the world and the World Cup is our. I'm not a supporter of Spain (I'm a supporter of Japan :D), I don't care what will make Spain in this World Cup but I think that things will be some different paying against teams as Brazil, Argentina, England or Ecuador, for example, playing against a GOOD team to sum up. Good luck for USA and England my friends and for Japan and our Verdy, of course! Japan have to win Brazil for 0-2 and Croatia have to win 1-0, it's difficult but it's possible!


SMB said...

Ohhhhh.....ZICO needs to be run out on a rail. That team is pathetic this year....No scoring threats, primadonnas aplenty, the Tsuboi injury hurt. Kawaguchi has been stellar but the rest of the team has been lackluster.

If Croatia manages to sneak past the Aussies, they would be the poorest side in the second round.......not much skillwise. God that Japan/croatia match was painful to watch......was it Yanagisawa who whiffed on an open net attempt?

I'm hoping we smash Ghana (who I would be pulling for if it was against anyone else except US and Japan and England) and Italy to do something right for once in their sorry, scandal tainted lives.

Anyhow, I might try to go out to the training grounds to watch the sattlelite team. I don't know if it's open to the public or not.