Friday, June 23, 2006

MARCUS IS IN.......ANAILSON and dedimar ARE OUT!

Tokyo Verdy 1969 official site has reported that Dedimar and Anailson have been released and former Kawasaki striker extraordinaire Marcus is in.

I have to say I'm torn on this......I happen to think Anailson was a good contributor for the team but he just seemed to run out of gas.

Also, I think I'm dangerous.......I have banished 2 players on this site and both were expunged by the team.......Iio earlier this week and Dedimar just hours after wishing he would leave. I'm like that kid from the old TWILIGHT ZONE episodes who would banish people to the cornfield when he didn't like them.


Nick said...

Anailson gone eh?? He was decent i thought,not much power but an eye for a decent pass.Maybe a little lightweight overall but he was better than a number of donkeys in Green this season.....HikiRikiPikiDiki or whatever the hell the boys name was seemed a decent prospect prospect but as you say when a hole opens up for a decent foriegner... Im not holding my breath though,evens odds that the new guys are crap too!! Its Verdy!! any player worth his salt wouldn`t sign for a J2 mid table and sinking team....Did you see the letter in the Yomiuri putting forward Ramos` name for the vacant Japan post!! Had to laugh,Zico had precisely zero coaching experience when he took up the role,the JFA must be raising the bar this time to sort out the non runners andd riders,Ramos has half a seasons experience coaching a losing J2 squad.He is obviously the man for the job,overqualified if anything.Dedimar was d-o-n-k-e-y personified don`t reckon anyone`ll be sad to see him go `cept maybe the red/yellow card maufacturers as when he was on the field the cards would generally come in for a bit of wear and tear!! Luckily when England crash out of the World Cup (my hopeful scenario is to meet Brazil in the semis,somehow sneak past em and give the Krauts another 5-1 hammering in the final......) but if my dream doesnt come true footy starts up again in England to again distract me from Verdys numptiness. I can distract myself with Wolves` numptiness in the Championship.. Ah the joy of supporting crap!! I love it!!

SMB said...

Wolverhampton? I always kinda liked them but I know nothing about the championship. I want to get into English footy but I don't want to really pick a Premier team........Man city is the one I kinda follow because of Reyna and I hate MAN U.

I think Marcus might be good.....Ze Luis is a mystery. I'm a little amused that they cut the one guy that had a history with him in Anailson but who knows.

Rui as National coach......HAH! Didn't see that...was it in the English edition or japanese edition? I will give Rui credit, he at least will give guys a chance......ZICO picked the same tired guys over and over. Alex Santos should get his citizenship revoked for his lackluster play and Nakata should be forced to shave off his chicken hair.

Nick said...

we all pick foriegn teams for a reason,mine for Verdy was cos their kit was better than Reysols and they were just about to move to Chofu and become one of the closest teams. (Along with FC Tokyo who i also went to see but didnt enjoy it). Having Reyna play for em is a good enough reason as any. If you really want to take an underdog you should have a look at Port Vale. Currently in League One in England. Did you see the white guy who played for Trinidad and Tobago in the World Cup?? Chris Birchall his name is and hes from Stafford where i went to school from 16-18 and plays for Vale in Stoke on Trent where I went to university. I support Wolves as thats where I was born, the team of your birthplace/where you grow up is generally the deciding factor in England.While I was at Uni I went to the Vale a number of times(they have a cross town rival Stoke City who are probably more famous but have never won anything either) and even saw Dennis Bergkamp and Ian Wright line up for Arsenal in a cup tie and score a blinder from the edge of the box to sneak a draw for the Arsenal who went on to take the game on penalties. The chant that night was (ex England goalie pre porn star/WWF wrestler style hair days) "Seaman! Give us a chance! Seaman,Seaman, Give us a chance!!"If your not sure type to read a bit about their history etc. A truly honest club who deserve all the new fans they can get!!.

SMB said...

Their shield has a pretzel? I'll take a look at em.I'm wondering if there is a place where I can watch em from time to time.

I finally saw the letter about Ramos......I might post some excerpts later.

Funniest letter ever!

Nick said...

The pretsel is in fact the Stafforshire Knot,Staffordshire being the county from where Vale come from.As for seeing them,if they have a good cup run then theyll make it to Sky other than that,contact the One Vale Fan guys and try to get someone to send games out on video or cd.Claims to fame include,Sir Stanley Mattews was there manager for five minutes,they beat Everton and Surs in the FA Cup in the late 80`s early 90`s (their golden period including their highest ever league finish 9th in the Championship,or first division as it was then,or second division when I was a lad...)