Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Birthday

Well, I don't know how this happened (I do know how the act works......i'm talking about the coincidence) but three of Verdy's own have a birthday today. The triplets ( Saito.....or MARTIN as I just found out he's called, Togawa, and Ohashi) all were born on the same day. Big Marty is the oldest of the three at 26 , followed by Togawa and Ohashi at 25.

Happy Birthday, go make Consadole taste their taint.

Also I didn't see it but Hagimura was responsible for the own goal. Verdy did nothing with a man advantage (actually letting up a goal) and Ono went out early. Training camp doesn't sound like a success.

Double report coming Saturday

Since Japan and the US both flamed out miserably, I'm looking for a new team to support through the round of 16. It's a tossup between Holland, Australia, and Ghana (I would pick England but except for Nick and the Omiya contingent (Bolton Dave, Furtho, and Aaron the Omiya Fan) most of the Anglophiles have been lapping up the US misery like sick dogs in their own vomit).

Anyhow, here's hoping France gets shown the door tonight!


Nick said...

i was unable to watch Verdy V Kobe as i was locked in a club versus country battle with the England v Sweden replay on at the same time as Verdy!! The replay won out.....Goddamn you NHK!!! Goddamn your sick woman of ill repute of a mother!! and your plague infested children for not showing the game!! If I paid my fees for you I would be even more irritated than I am..... Luckily the mother in law has BS so the second round should be ok!! World Cup is a good distraction from Verdys return to the doledrums!! C`mon England keep me distracted!!

SMB said...

Yeah......I had to listen to the US/Ghana game on the net because dirty Azzuri had to have their moment on TV.

NHK sucks

I'm curious to see if Ze Luis makes an appearance.....the middle is starting to crumble again