Wednesday, May 07, 2008


After 1/3 of the season, JEF Chiba has decided to pull the plug on the Josip Kuse experience, firing the Croatian gaffer after an awful 0-2-9 start. My question though is this.....when are they gonna sack the FO? As far as I know, former Captain of the Green Titanic, Tadashi Karai is still in charge of all the personnel moves for JEF Chiba.

You might remember Karai as the man moving the deck chairs when all the young talent was fleeing Verdy for greener (no pun intended) pastures in.....well....mostly Saitama but you get the picture.

If you've missed Karai's work with Chiba, here it is.

Kept Osim's dimwitted son
Lost captain Yuki Abe to Urawa in a bidding war.
Got rid of mainstay defender Ilian Stoyanov after he got in a fight with Osim's dimwitted son.
Picked up useless foreign flopper Djorjevic and semi-useless striker Reinaldo on the cheap as well as erratic FW Tatsunori Arai. Erratic and semi-useless are still with the team.
Watched the team finish 13th.
Let Koki Mizuno go to Celtic
Lost in bidding wars for Hiroki Mizumoto (Gamba), Naotake Hanyu (FC Tokyo), Satoru Yamagishi (Frontale), and captain Yuto Sato (Kyoto).
Brought in molasses slow Eddy Bosnar and Drukovic, who possibly could be the worst player in J1 not named Takuro Nishimura.

But JEF reserves looks awesome right now.......actually Kuse wasn't a bad move. When I saw the team play Omiya, it was a group of young players pressing and attacking and clawing their way to an even score. The woeful backline and decrepit keeper were the problems in that game. The one "national teamer" that did stay around, Seichiro Maki, has done absolutely nothing and might be the biggest loser in this whole trainwreck of a season.

Bring in someone new though.....that should get you one whiff of fresh air before you realize your franchise is filled with rot. Bring in another foreign retread who doesn't have much of a clue about the J League. I'm sure Bora Milutnovic is waiting by the phone. Better yet, see if Avispa will swap you coaches. Maybe you can turn Petey Littbarski into your own little yellow Pixy and hope the fans feel natsukashii about the whole thing.

Your trains suck and your fans don't deserve this crap. Knock it off and do the right thing.......resign.


dokool said...

Well said - I'm disappointed that Sapporo's doing poorly but JEF's performance is just... sad. Doesn't matter if it's a club you hate, a longtime rival, the league leaders (well, except for the Reds, fuck them), or a little scrappy squad in J2 or JFL - the fans deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Ooji-sans 11!!! I too have been looking to use a less than stellar pun and after yesterdays performance I am able to parade it with aplomb!! Not the greatest game or performance yesterday but at least we must be head and shoulders above everyone in one particular statistic!! Thats right chaps, no other team can match the mighty Greens in the coveted Own Goal Challenge Trophy. We are nailed on certanties for 2008. We are streaking ahead with 3 so far. A dull first half saw little in the way of action at either end. A midfield slugfest conducted by two teams of seemingly little invention. Chances were at a premium and the free scoring attack force on show at Sapporo was snuffed out comprehensively by a resolute Oita reargaurd. Hulk had his quietest game of the season at least in terms of playing the game. He was probably the loudest on the field in terms of complaining and generally berating the officials. I thought the red was gonna come out for dissent but the ref saw fit to let him stay on the field. Speaking of the referee, people have complained long and hard about the standard of referees in Japan across the various blog sites and messageboards. Well we had another controversial error yesterday involving the booking of Oita defender Roberto.Mr. Ogiya dished out just a yellow for bringing down Diego who was clean through on goal with Roberto being THE LAST DEFENDER. Now correct me if Im mistaken but that is a straight red card. You can`t have a yellow for that offense. If you deem it a deliberate foul (which a yellow card would indicate) then the card MUST be be red and not yellow. Even the commentaters noticed. Albeit a very quick comment then onto the next play. Anyhow, it didn`t do anything to liven up a dull game. Edmilson opened the scoring just after the break with a nice clipped effort beyond the reach of Doi and Wada sealed the game with a sliced clearance which rattled the back of the net from outside the box.Cool!! Good work that man... A dissappointing, tired looking day at the office but if we are gonna finish 15th then we can`t win every game can we!!?? :)
Afterthoughts include, we have to start with Kowano. Leandro needs to make way. Kowano is always looking to take people on and run at the defenders. He has a good burst of speed. Leandro finally broke his duck last week but he doesn`t offer enough. He`s too predictable. Lets hope we can get a good performance in against Shimizu next week before the summer break!!

Anonymous said...

oops!! forgot to mention we had ANOTHER rocking the baby goal celebration yesterday........Edmilson, "Numpty of the Week" goes to you my friend. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Dear oh dear....

Anonymous said...

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