Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hulk notches 2, Leandro bags 1, and the glorious gods of self-inflicted wounds decide to bestow their bountiful feasts of misery and angst upon another unsuspecting victim by gifting Verdy their first own goal in reverse (I don't know what this sentence means either but Shimizu scored upon themselves).

BTW, if you are keeping track at home, Verdy is now tied with Omiya for own goals in all competitions with 3. However, Omiya did get one of those in Nabisco Cup play so Verdy is the leader going into the clubhouse.

Wait a minute.......this just in, Verdy indeed scored upon themselves at the end to boost their tally up to 4, so yes Verdy is the undisputed leader of self-immolation (God, I hope I used that word right).

Final score 4-1 Verdy, who find themselves up in the lofty position of 11th and 1 full game out of the relegation seat. In a weird turn of events, only 6 points seperates 16th place Jubilo from 4th place.....ahhh, hell, let's call it Kawasaki.


I wonder to myself, are there two bigger groups of self important twats than Gamba fans and Urawa supporters? Guess I should be proud that our little league is "growing up" and acting like tools in Europe but I think the whole thing is pretty lame.

Hey, Gamba fans.....stop throwing crap at children, allright. You aren't at a Hanshin game in your lame little tiger pajamas. And BTW, game 13 isn't really the time to act like you just won the Champions League.

Urawa fan........nice charge of the gates and WOW how neat is it that you waited outside in the parking lot like a 13 year old after school because someone dissed your peeps. This whole fake "hard man" act was boring long ago, using F@#$ in your signs while crying about Kashima doing the same thing.......better than you, The display of a Confederate flag and Che Guevara (While ironically standing for everything he would hate) the droning chant and constant whining and booing when things don't go your way. The term douchebag comes to mind. And really, Tulio giving a lecture on FAIR PLAY and sportsmanship. That greasy diva is bent over on the ground more than a Thai ladyboy in a half-off sale. Ref baiting clowns should not be speaking about sporting etiquette, ever.

This is what will happen. Nothing. Ohhhhh, Omiya fans will be frisked when they come in because they might have an errant pet bottle and I'll have to pay 500 yen for a warm cup of Qoo but neither team will feel any repurcussions.

So yeah, when it comes down to it, it's not the J League who is harmed or either team or the fans or even the kid who was maimed by the pet's me. Soilent Green is the real victim in all of this because I can't have a friggin Diet Coke while I watch the game. I wasn't even at the game and I'm the only one that gets punished..............unbelievable.


dokool said...

The display of a Confederate flag and Che Guevara (While ironically standing for everything he would hate)

I agree with your rant in general, but show me a team whose supporters don't misappropriate iconography.

Ultranippon said...

Confederate flag and Che Guevara, all mixed hahaha.

What a stupid fans xD.

Now, I hate a bit more Urawa Reds xD.

See you :)