Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Classico indeed!!!!!!

In probably the most exciting game so far for fans of the mean green, Verdy notched 3 goals and held on to win against a very talented Yokohama Marinos side. Goals were scored by Hulk, Diego, and Takashi Furuhashi to propel the squad up to 15th with 11 points.

Yoku Dekimashita!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE HEAT INDEX.......Bottom's up in April

We will go in reverse order this month to reserve the surprise until the end.

18th. JEF Chiba- The once proud franchise is in shambles following numerous defections, Osim's son, and the hiring of the idiot that presided over Verdy's relegation campaign. Oh yeah.......your trains suck too.

17th. Consadole Sapporo- It's a bad sign for Toshiya Miura and company that the squad has come out with a very slow start. The M.O. on Miura squads is a strong start followed by a swoon in summer. Claiton has been great, the rest......meh.

16th. Albirex Niigata- I'm sorry but losing 3-1 to Oita seriously does you no favors in the heat index. 2 wins based on dodgy calls from the oh so consistent and noble judges help keep the third orange team from straight danger.

15th. Kashiwa Reysol- I thought Fransa was only a bad hairdo and a free kick now and then but this team needs him badly. Not sure what they are gonna do until the obasan comes back. Popo has been a disaster.

14th. Shimizu S Pulse- Signs of shaking off the rust are showing with wins over Kashiwa on the road and FC Tokyo at home. Still need a scorer though. Hey, didn't Anderson used to be on your team?

13th. Tokyo Verdy- Shook off a big loss to Kashiwa by beating Nagoya and Yokohama at home and tying up Niigata on the road. Hulk makes this a very different team.

12th. Kyoto Sanga- Unfortunately more a victim of bad luck than bad play........oh, there's another red card.

11th. Oita Trinita- Mu Kanazaki is making them forget about Umesaki. What are the odds he'll be sitting on the bench for Gamba next year?

10th. Jubilo Iwata- Gilsinho has helped the squad to their normal level of mediocrity. What has happened to the NT's? Seriously, what's going on in Shizuoka?

9th. Omiya Ardija- Perfect storm of tired legs and an opportunistic opponent caused humiliation. Looks like the boys are gonna have to tighten up the d and scratch some points out in the next couple of weeks.

8th- Yokohama F Marinos- Roni is showing signs of life but Lopes has been disappointing. The effort is there but the results less so.

7th- Nagoya Grampus- As is their MO, they have fallen back to earth. We get to see what kind of coach Pixy truly he Arsene or Ruy?

6th-Gamba Osaka- This rating goes more on the strength of their play in the ACL. Tough loss to Omiya was followed up by a nice win against Nagoya.

5th-Kawasaki Frontale- Shaking off the after effects of their coach quitting and the Hulk debacle to pick up some results. Looks like they are scoring again as well.

4th- Vissel Kobe- Playing some nice football without scorer Leandro. They're also 4th because I forgot about them and don't really want to go back and change it. Maybe 8th.

3rd-Urawa Reds- Better to be lucky than good, although they did wallop Sapporo.

2nd- Kashima Antlers- Well boys, you wanted to go to you're feeling the burn.
Marquinhos health also seems to be a concern.

1st- Tokyo Gas FC- Makes me a little sick too but they earned it. The good thing is they don't crown champs in May but they are good. Cabore is a player. Hirayama is a slug.

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dokool said...

As great as yesterday's win ended up my opinion of Hirayama has dropped from disappointment and concern to anger. No excuse for his play yesterday and I really hope Jofuku lays the smackdown on him soon because he's become the sore point in a team that otherwise can take on any team in the league.

But I'm glad to see you recognize our awesomeness and in a way I'm even glad that Verdy is on the rebound, I'd rather face Verdy in its current form than the Verdy that got curb-stomped by Kashiwa.