Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hell Week

Well, really hell days. The oh so wise schedule makers at J League headquarters decided it would be grand to send Verdy on a little tour of Japan. Tomorrow finds team green headed north to Sapporo to take on fellow 2007 J league risers Consadole Sapporo in a Kappa Derby. Consadole has struggled to find the right mix in J1, finding themselves in 17th.

On Saturday, Verdy heads south to Oita, who due to a scheduling quirk, gets a week long rest to recuperate and wait for Verdy to come in. One concern for Verdy is the accumulating yellows. Currently Hattori, Wada, and Diego all sit on 3 yellows apiece, so a rugged game could see a rather unique lineup in Kyuushu. Expect Oita to rough it up a bit against the older and more tired Verdy squad.


dokool said...

Yeah, but think of all the frequent flier miles the players will get ;-)

Personally I want to know why they scheduled one of our Nabisco Cup games in Nagano of all places. This is a HOME GAME, mind you.

UltraVerdy said...

Consadole 1-3 Mighty Verdy ;-)
Another game, another win! Leandro scores his first goal in green. Diego & Hulk. That's great. 14 points, we're back!