Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lost Weekend

Well, The DHL era took a bump with the 2-0 loss to the malformed turtles of Oita. I'm not sure what was worse, letting in a goal to the nappily coiffed Edmilson or scoring a goal on your own team. Either way, it was predictible that Verdy would lose after travelling the length of Japan to play a well rested squad.

To make matters worse, Verdy hosted Omiya in a satellite math today and were thouroughly spanked 3-0. The lineup was as follows

GK:高木 Takagi
DF:福田 Fukuda、飯田 Iida、足助 Asuke、和田Wada (youth)(ユース)MF:柴崎(晃)Shibasaki 、新村 Shinmura、廣山Hiroyama、河野 Kawano FW:井上 Inoue、飯尾 Iio SUB:柴崎(貴 Shibasaki、宮坂 Miyasaka、吉武 Yoshitake 、エルサムニー El Samni、平本 Hiramoto<交代>62分:井上OUT エルサムニーIN82分:飯尾OUT 平本IN

Goals were scored by Taishi Tsukamoto, Hiroshi Morita, and Masahiko Ichikawa in the first Sat matches for both squads.

Next week finds Verdy in a relegation position match with Shimizu S Pulse. the last time the squads faced off, Shimizu came away with 5 goals to bludgeon the green in a Nabisco Cup affair.

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