Friday, May 23, 2008


Sunday sees the two tenants of Ajinomoto square off for the 15th time in both clubs history as Verdy and FC Tokyo square off in Nabisco Cup group play.

Some facts

FC Tokyo have dominated not only the Nabisco Cup matchups (3-0-0, including a knockout of Verdy on their way to the Nabisco Cup championship) but the matchup in general (9-2-3 in total)

Satoru Asari and Ryuji Fujiyama are the FC Tokyo players to be with the squad for all the derby matches.

Yoichi Doi has been at all of the games but this will be his second as a Verdy keeper.

Yoshinari Takagi and Kazuki Hiramoto both have been squad members for all of the games for Verdy.

Verdy have all the players who have appeared for both squads in the Tokyo Derby (Doi, Shibasaki, Fukunishi,)


Verdy looks to play a full strength squad against an FC Tokyo team missing 3 for the NT callups

Look for the DHL trio up top

A midfield of Ono, Fukunishi, and Sugawara

The defense of Hattori, Nasu, Tsuchiya, and Wada

Doi in the net

A loss would most certainly doom Verdy to elimination in the glorified Satellite cup.

ACL behaving badly

Well, the good news is J League teams all advanced to the quarterfinals of the ACL with the recent 4-0 win for Kashima. The bad news is that all three squads have found themselves on the wrong side of attention grabbing headlines with the arrest of two Antler players for DUI. the players, who shall remain nameless because I'm too damn lazy to look up their names are suspended for the rest of the season after the arrest. Meanwhile, no word on penalties for the girlfight that took place between Gamba and Urawa.


Dokool, our resident FCT sycophant dared to challenge me on the use of icons by teams around the world. While technically he is correct that most teams use symbols that have nothing to do with their squads for their own personal glory, my point was that using the symbol of populist struggle and revolution for the poor and downtrodden is really weak considering that Urawa is by far the richest and most powerful club in Japan and probably east Asia as well.

So suck it Gasman!!!!!!!!!

(eh, he's probably right)


dokool said...

Shit, you've done more homework than I have for the game, I might as well just link to your entry for my pre-match post =P

You gonna be at Ajisuta tomorrow?

Nick said...

teachers pet that he lord you must have either stayed in for a LONG TIME to get those stats or babblefished some other guys work big time!! However, the only stat that counts is that STILL nobody from FC Tokyo has scored more than Hulk and he hasn`t even been on the field for half the season so far..Rubbish that red and blue lot, bloody rubbish!!
Talking about misappropriating songs/logos etc I can 100 per cent wholeheartedly applaud Fc Tokyo for their big gay rendition of Culture Clubs "Kharmachamelion" "Amaral" chant. A belter of a tune with the whole of the FC Tokyo support behind it. Superb. If ever a song fitted a team...

UltraVerdy said...

Another derby tomorrow!
C'mon u Green Vultures !
Derby Rulezzzzzzz.

dokool said...




DHL certainly does not deliver in Chofu.

Nick said...

yup, a shoeing but the above stat still stands. FC Tokyo are officially the most boring team in the league.The perrenial conviny store sandwich, bit of something at the satart a big finish and absolutely nothing in the middle!!Even when they hammer someone they only do it with a quick goal at the start and two to finish at the end. Boring, Boring and a bit more boring.Switch to Green my friend, you know you want to...

dokool said...

I'd rather get something exciting at the beginning and end w/ some blandness in the middle then have to eat the empty Styrofoam plate y'all are stuck with.

Nick said...


Tom said...

Cool blog! I like it! Would you like to exchange links?