Friday, December 07, 2007


Here are a collection of early candidates that new Executive Director Rui Ramos is looking at to add to the squad.

FW Shota Matsuhashi is 25 and has spent 7 glorious years frolicking in the Kyushu sun for Oita. Matsuhashi followed up a breakthrough 2006 (10 goals),with a more pedestrian 2 goals and 1 assist. Matsuhashi has seen his time whittled down by the emergence of Daisuke Takahashi. Matsuhashi is known for his speed and is built alot like Kazunori Iio. Nikkan Sports has the story

Yasuhiro Hato is 31, respected around the league and virtually clueless. The physical back still has skills but has the propensity to take plays off and make awful decisions. A late season surge in form did nothing to cleanse my mind of pensive play, bad passes, and lazy man marking resulting in dangerous chances for the opponent. Possibly being forced out by new Omiya man and former Marinos coach Yasuhiro Higuchi, who was around during the demise of Hato's Marinos career. The past 4 years with him as a main contributor have seen his teams finish 16th,16th, 12th, and 15th........coincidence? Who knows? What I do know is that adding him to a potential back 4 will add slightly to the age.........Hato at 31, Hagimura at 32, Tsuchiya at 33, and Hattori at 34........unless they decide to go for Sidiclei at 35 to replace the "inexperienced" Hagimura.

AHHHHH........Just kidding. Yamada probably will keep his record of killing teams at 3. Although, he might look good in Chiba yellow......HMMMMMMM.


Speaking of former Verdy players, Jun Tamano is victim #9 in the great FC purge of 2007. Tamano saw action in 6 games, contributing 1 assist.

Finally.......we will know in about 10 hours....maybe less......who will be the newest entrant into J1 and who will be gutted in the upcoming season. El Golazo and Yahoo!Japan are both speculating that Ryuichi Hirashige will be the starter in the biggest game of the season for the out of form Ueslei. Hirashige was signed last year from Sanfrecce youth and had yet to get his name in the scorebook until he netted possibly the biggest goal of the season for the purple squad with an 88th minute tally. His first in a league game. Speculation is that if Sanfrecce loses this game, pieces of the squad will be scattered around the league like William Wallace across the British Isles. I'm hoping Omiya can get two, namely Toshihiro Aoyama and Hisato Sato........with our inept management though it will probably be Toda and Stoyanov.

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