Friday, December 14, 2007

A Legend says it's over

Motohiro Yamaguchi called it quits yesterday after a 17 year career ended with the disastrous 2007 Yokohama FC Campaign. Yamaguchi was a member of the 1998 Japan National Team that ventured to France, but his real claim to fame was his 6 years as the anchor for the Yokohama Flugels. Weekly Soccer Magazine named him to 4 All-Time club squads (Flugels, YFC, Nagoya, and Niigata). Good luck to a true contributor to Japanese football.

Verdy plays a match against Frontale......

And wins. 2-1 on goals from Martin Saito and a student. Why?....don't know.

Anyhow, a far more important match takes place tomorrow when Verdy Youth go after the Football Factory known as Kashiwa. Here's wishing good luck to the little lads in Green for their possible march to the title.
Sir Elton lends his hearty voice to the Bangura situation. and Fox Sports have both been doing a good job of tracking the situation of 19 year old refugee and Watford MF Al Bangura. Last week, England's Home Office, in a stunning display of incompetence, told Bangura that he was exaggerating the threat to his life and ordered his deportation. As reported earlier, Bangura came to England when he was 15 after escaping Sierra Leone Death Squads (who wanted him to take the place of his deceased father) and a sketchy French pimp, who wanted him to become a gay prostitute. Watford MP Claire Ward, the players association, and Honorary Watford Chairman Sir Elton John have all called on the Home Office to reverse their decision and let Watford stay. Bangura recently became a new father as well. Merry Christmas.
If England doesn't want him, surely somebody here can use a Premiership quality 19 year old who could fill a MF role. At the very least it would probably save his life. Here's hoping england pulls their head out of their Ass.

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Gora said...

BBC as well has followed closely Bangura's story. SHAME on England if they send him away.