Thursday, December 20, 2007

Too much to say!

We will start with the important news first...........Al Bangura. It looks like he is going to get a reprieve, which is gret news. Fans all across England have spoken out on the stupidity of deporting a kid whose life is threatened. Well, the home office has decided to let him apply for a work permit. It's not done, but it's looking alot better! Here's hoping for a Merry Christmas for Al.

Now Verdy newsapalooza......

Not a surprise but Hulk is going back to Kawasaki to team with Juninho. Not sure if this is a good thing for Kawasaki, considering that both players need the ball to be effective. It is bad for Verdy, who I don't think will try to fill the void with Kazuki Hiramoto.

Diego signed an extension for next year. If he comes in shape, he should be physical enough to be decent. If he comes in like last year, it's gonna be dreadful.

Yusuke Sato gets cut. After a bright start, Sato seemed to trail off, getting intermittent shots at playing time. Sato probably wasn't cut out for J1, considering he's been J2 most of his career. I think he'll find another gig somewhere.....I liked him as a player but he wasn't consistent.

Takuya Takagi joins new man Hashiratanis coaching staff. I think it's a good signing because he had some time as a top guy, he's still relatively young, and he can do the job if Hashiratani stumbles.

Verdy also changed their name officially to Tokyo Verdy......dropping the most endearing part of their name, 1969. Don't like it but whatever.....Grampus dropped the 8.

3 new prospects came in as well.......U17 National teamer and Verdy Youth star Hiroki Kawano joins the squad after his final 8 appearence in the Sahara cup. DF Sho Asuke and GK Tomuyuki Suzuki come in from Kokushikan University. Wait till the end of the year and the signings should stepped up big time.

Yokohama FC Watch

Nikkan sports is reporting that former Jubilo, Marinos, and Yokohama FC MF Daisuke Oku will retire and pursue coaching opportunities.

Former Verdy youth MF Yusuke Sudo joins Yokohama FC from Nagoya Grampus 8
Yusuke Nakata joins as well from Vegalta Sendai.

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