Saturday, December 29, 2007

The list is now down to 8

2007 J League Newcomer of the year Takanori Sugeno officially joined bitter rival Kashiwa Reysol from recently departed Yokohama FC. Presumably, Sugeno will fill in to a role much like Kawasaki Frontale man Eiji Kawashima, who went from starter to apprentice under Seigo Narazaki.
It seems mercurial Kashima striker is souring on the negotiating techniques of messrs. Hashiratani and Ramos. My babelfish is a little confusing but I think somebody pushed to hard for a signature and Ramos had to smooth it over with Yanagisawa. Not helping matters is that rival Kyoto's main point man in recruitment of the former National teamer is none other than longtime Kashima defender and current Kyoto coach Yutaka Akita
Nasu to get the 5 shirt
Yokohama F Marinos DF Daisuke Nasu will don the 5 shirt next year if he so chooses to join Verdy next campaign, according to Sports Hochi. So 1 out of 9 ain't bad I suppose
Impressed, huh! Anyhow, the dismally underacheiving Sanfrecce Hiroshima squad have turned the Emperor's Cup competition on its ear with a 3-1 victory over Nabisco Cup winners Gamba Osaka. Sanfrecce moves onto the final against J league champs Kashima Antlers for a chance to pull off the biggest upset since Thespa Kusatsu managed to beat Yokohama F Marinos with only 9 men.

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