Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Weekly Soccer Magazine has a list of the 9 players Verdy is looking at in terms of upgrading the squad next season.

GK Yoichi Doi
Former team FC TOKYO
Age 34
2006 World Cup member Doi has seen his stock fall drastically after being usurped in the other Tokyo teams lineup by Hitoshi Shiota. Would I sign him.......2 years ago, yes. Today, not so much.
Other teams in pursuit Kyoto Sanga FC

GK Takanori Sugeno
Team Yokohama FC
Age 23
The former Verdy youth player and 2007 J1 Newcomer of the Year would be a definite upgrade to half the squads in J1. Young and capable of taking a team to a championship, his capable hands kept the Fulie from being even more embarassing. Would I sign him.......YES
Other teams in pursuit Kashiwa Reysol

DF Daisuke Nasu
Team Yokohama F Marinos
Age 26
Nasu has seen his time cut back in the last two years after being a regular. The Athens Olympian would pair with Yukio Tsuchiya in the middle. Not the largest guy for a defender, Nasu would benifit from learning from the equally undersized Tsuchiya. There lies the problem.
Would I sign him........yes, for the right price.

DF Yasuhiro Hato
Team Omiya Ardija
Age 31
Hato has been less than stellar in the back for Omiya since his signing from the (then) relegated Reysol squad. Not my favorite player by any stretch of the imagination, but maybe he'd be better teaming up with old friend Tsuchiya. Would I sign him......considering his lack of good service and mental mistakes, I'd say no. I think Kaimoto needs to be upgraded and I'm not sure he is.

MF Takashi Fukunishi
Team FC Tokyo
Age 31
The mainstay of SAMURAI BLUE since the 2002 World Cup, Fukunishi was jettisoned from the gasmen after one lackluster season. A decent passer and scoring threat, Fukunishi is not the fleetest of foot. Pairing him with Hiroyama would be suicide. Would I sign him......I think his best days are behind him and the qualities he has, experience, is in abundance on this squad already.
Other teams in pusuit Consadole Sapporo

MF Magnum
Team Kawasaki Frontale
Age 25
Magnum has been the off again/on again schemer in the middle for Kawasaki Frontale the past year and a half. Injuries and erratic play have deemed the Brazilian expendable. Would I sign him......when he is on, he is a very good J1 level player. Unfortunately, that's rare. With Diego in the fold, one of the other two has to be a dependable player and he's the third Brazilian, he'd be allright. Maybe.
Other teams in pursuit Nagoya Grampus 8

FW Atsushi Yanagisawa
Team Kashima Antlers
Age 29
Another one of the old World Cup guard, Yanagisawa is shopping for a new squad after falling down the 2007 Champions depth chart. Maybe confidence is the key for the mercurial striker.
Would I sign him........for the right price, he has scored big goals, including the one against Honda FC to put them in the Emperors Cup semifinal.
Other teams in pursuit Kyoto Sanga FC

FW Popo
The K League scoring machine is rumored to be headed for Japan. Don't know enough about him to have an opinion.
Other teams in pursuit Kashiwa Reysol

FW Shota Matsuhashi
Team Oita Trinita
Age 25
The speedy wing would fit right in to the system Verdy is trying to run, although he is coming off a disappointing season. Matsuhashi would be my choice of the field players on this list, so yes I'd sign him.
Other teams in pursuit Albirex Niigata Vissel Kobe

Yokohama FC watch
DF Kosuke Yatsuda joined the team from FC Tokyo. Yatsuda managed one game for FCT, being the victim in the fabulous Leandro effort. Yusuke Sudo joins from Nagoya to help shore up the midfield. Finally Yusuke Nakata comes in from Vegalta Sendai to help shore up the defense.

Finally, in a curious move, Yusuke Sato heads to Tochigi SC in the JFL. Why, I have no idea, I think the guy could fight for a starting spot on half of the J2 squads next campaign, but maybe he has a big check coming. Good luck and Vaya Con Dios!

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