Saturday, December 15, 2007

Updates ahoy!

Our friend Furtho at G!G! O!A! forwarded me another Bangura article today from the Guardian. If they deport him because he's a Muslim, I'm really gonna be pissed off.
I don't care who signs him (I'm talkin to you got a Eurofetish, he's 19 and you guys always seem to magically turn young players into Japanese Citizens......besides he couldn't be any worse than Nene.) Just sign him. Don't make him go back.
Sanfrecce continues a different journey
In most years, a team just getting relegated but rallying beat a solid J1 squad would be the story of the Emperor's Cup. Unfortunately for Sanfrecce Hiroshima, this is not that year. Maybe this is an advantage for them as the team rallied back from the heartbreak of being relegated to notch a win against Jubilo Iwata. Koji Morisaki (one half of the Sanfrecce Wonder Twins) managed to pick up a brace to push the Hiroshima squad over the hump. For the second straight game, former Verdy psychopath Kazuyuki Toda did not appear, and for the second straight game, Sanfrecce posted a clean sheet.......coincidence? How's this? In 2005, Toda was the anchor for a 2005 Verdy squad that allowed a league high 73 goals........this year Sanfrecce led the league in goals allowed. Maybe it was just being too close to Takuya Yamada.
The last game of the Washington era
Tonight we bid adieu to grumpy striker Washington who plays his last game for the UUUURAAAAWAAAAAAH reds. Can't say I'll miss him, and talking with alot of Reds fans, can't say they'll miss him either. The histrionics and lazy play were a bit too much to stomach in spite of the prolific scoring. Anyhow great scorer, bad sport.....good luck in Brazil.
One Brazilian who won't be going back to South America is Diego. Sports Hochi report that the big man will return to clog up the middle for Verdy next campaign.
Go Baby Birds! Go little Squirrels!

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Furtho said...

The Bangura story was on the main BBC TV news on Saturday. Couple of relevant links from the Watford homepage (Aidy Boothroyd is the coach):,,10400~1191847,00.html,,10400~1191896,00.html