Saturday, December 08, 2007

Get the blindfold and plastic bats!

As Ken Matsushima put it (I'm putting it in my own words here though) It's pinata time in the J league. The highly disappointing Sanfrecce Hiroshima met an overwhelmingly predictible demise after failing to score today against newly promoted Kyoto Sanga. While the game was a tough affair which saw Sanfrecce dominate the first half and even out in the second, the real story is where is all that talent going to go? You think that Verdy in 2005 was a looting? Wait until you get a load of what is going to leave Hiroshima in 2008. Already rumors are spreading about Ancient goal poacher Ueslei heading south to Kyushu to play for Oita Trinita. U-23 starter and hairdo tragedy Yosuke Kashiwagi has been marked by Urawa for recruitment NT midfielder/defender Yuichi Komano has been linked to Yokohama F Marinos in WSM and WSD print editions.

Watch the stories in the next week. They are going to come in fast and furious.....and i'll bet that Ramos has his profound nose in the middle of a couple!

YOKOHAMA FC has their dream dashed in Nagasaki

In the 89th minute Ehime DF (I think......) Shingo Hoshino scored to put Ehime up 2-1 and dash the dreams of elderly people everywhere. Both teams were coming off big wins against Asian supersquad Urawa Reds and both could claim momentum. However Ehime will go through. And Kazu will just get older.

Somehow this song seems fitting (And again I have a sneaking suspicion Ken Matsushima beat me to it awhile ago) Anyhow here's to the old men of Yokohama.

The big story of the day however was that of corporate JFL squad Honda FC knocking off Nagoya Grampus Eight to advance to the final 8 against new J League champions Kashima Antlers.

Other winners include Shimizu, Gamba, FC Tokyo, Kawasaki, and Jubilo

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