Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where will the goals come from?

Well, now will be a perfect test to see where a third striker will come from. Kazuki Hiramoto managed to notch his 8th yellow on the campaign, earning him a 2 game vacation and some quality fun in training matches against Numpty FC.

This gives former Albirex man Koijiro Kaimoto ample time to pass him. Big K has managed to earn 5 yellows and a red in an astounding 7 games, eclipsing the remarkable Dedimar mark of 4 yellows and a red in 8 games.

So.......what are the options?

Hiroyama as number 2 seems to be a given after his game winning goal against Montedio. Maatsura has been less than good in games he's appeared in. Basilio could be brought out of his crypt for one last go. Ryosuke Kijima could get a bit of a look. One of the MF's like Kuba and Ohashi have practiced in the striker position and could see some looks.

Rui mentioned before that they wanted to get the Morimoto deal finished so he could go shopping for another foreign striker. It won't help now but in the future they could use a good third option, especially with Hiramoto's penchant for stupid cautions.

We'll see tomorrow!

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