Saturday, July 22, 2006

Montedio Yamagata and a new feature

I'm going to keep this short because I didn't see the game. Verdy won 1-0 on a Nozomi Hiroyama goal. Verdy was up 2 men for over 50 minutes because both Yamagata forwards were given straight red cards. At least they won, I guess.

Any reports........send em in

I kinda got detoured on a project I wanted to do for awhile and finally have the time with school out. I'm trying to cobbble together a history of Tokyo Verdy and I'm looking for ideas or suggestions.

Anyhow here is the site link

I have yet to do a Kazu piece or Hashiritani or Kikuchi.......if you have players from the past you think deserve to be a part of the history, let me know. If there is some other feature you'd like to see, let me know as well.

We should know tomorrow if Morimoto is officially an elephant.

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