Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More on Morimoto

Nikkan Sports has a new article on Morimoto negotiations

Good eye on this by the Verdy blog.

I guess the main points in the article are Morimoto is negotiating right now with Catania and Verdy. His representation is the same guy who represented Hide Nakata. Ramos is pushing for a 1 year loan deal only so that if Morimoto is hugely successful, Verdy can bring him back or if Catania is ruining his career, Verdy can also bring him back. Ramos wants this done quick so he can go out and find ANOTHER FOREIGN STRIKER............Maybe that's why there was no sign of Basilio at the training match or the game on Saturday. So how many foreign players would that be? 9?

Anybody else get the idea that Rui learned how to coach by playing Yahoo!Japan fantasy J League cause he keeps burning through players.

Also, theVerdy blog spotted a guy eerily similar to RICKHIKI in a Thespa uniform playing in a practice match.


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