Sunday, July 23, 2006

Grab bag of stuff

Oh, where to begin?

Let's start with Morimoto ........he's off to Italy tomorrow. So if you saw the Sagan Tosu game, you saw his last game in green(for awhile). Looks like the deal is Verdy gets 21,75o,ooo yen (about 150,000 euros) for the 1 year rental and Morimoto will make about 14,500,000 yen for his troubles (100,000 euros). Not bad for a kid that was having trouble getting a sniff of regular time

link here Sports Hochi:

Nick has some thoughts on Yamagata and a suggestion for the Verdy history department

Nick has left a new comment on your post "Montedio Yamagata and a new feature": Edmundo for Best Ever Player??? Lazy at times and clearly only there for the chunk of cash at the end of the month,but with him leading the way we were still in with a shout of a stage victory back in 2002!! The last time we were anywhere near the top and the wife watched Jubilo win the league title at Yamaha that day. It was 0-0 and into Golden Goal extra time,if Verdy could hang on for the draw, the race for the stage title could have gone on for another week.As it was Takahara popped up with the winner at the death (there was a time when he could score!!)and the whole stadium went crazy in a sea of light blue streamers etc. Me and the wife stayed in maybe the sh@@@@@ hotel in Japan that night!! He was a World Cup winner and carried the whole team for the time he was there. And he got his monkey drunk at his kids party. A surefire contender surely!!ps saw the game last night..awful red card decisions,seems not only Italy has dodgy refs. Both sent off for "stamping" judging by the refs actions.Didn`t see a thing myself.Absolute robbery. We were crap,for 60 odd minutes against 9 men and THEY had the best chances to win the match! Right at the end they had one hit the bar and bounce down JUST in front of the goal line and away to safety. 3 points in the bag,only 5 behind the playoffs...Not impossible but if they carry on in last nights vein not a chance in hell.

Agreed on the performance and your Edmundo biography is up!

Verdy Blog tells an interesting story of the Montedio supporters being a bit unhappy with the officials in the game and stopping them and the Verdy bus. Sugawara and Mizuhara were singled out for some reason. Ahhh yes, first a bad call with Vegalta sends their supporters into a tizzy and now two consecutive games in Montedio saw red cards dished to the home squad. Verdy making friends everywhere!

Anyhow here is the Verdy blog link!

One last thing, 19 goals to the magic 5000 mark for J2. The bad news is that Thespa Kusatsu won't be playing on Wednesday so there is a big chance they won't crack it till the weekend. One has to wonder if old Basilio might be pulled out of the storage chest one last time to try and crack 5000 in J2. You may not know this, but while at Kashiwa Reysol, Basilio scored the 5000 goal in J1 history. Another little nugget, Andre of Kyoto Purple Sanga notched goal 11,000 in J1 history.
Don't ask me who scored the other 10,998 goals.

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