Saturday, July 08, 2006


First off, watch out for leading J2 scorer Tatsunori Arai

Second........GK Takagi, DF Ishikawa, Hagimura, Aoba, Kaimoto.....MF Sugawara, Nejime, Marcus, Kanazawa.....FW Saito,Hiramoto

Bench Mizuhara, Ichiyanagi, Kuba, Morimoto, Ohashi (the king of National stadium)

Off to Sendagaya for another unpleasant customer experience!


Nick said...

Went to the game we are going nowhere and we have got an express ticket,first class!! For the first 45 minutes we were awful, apart from the fluffed chance against the post in the first half we were about as threatening as a Larry "Shut that door" Grason uppercut!! (For those of you unaware of Larry Grason try Google).Crappy red card to boot before the half was out. OK it was a foul but Hagimura wasn`t the last man so where did the red come from!! Second half Verdy turned in an England esque performance playing like demons when a man down.It looked like a stalemate till some guy from Tosu tried his luck from a LONG way out, Takagi did well to push it on to the bar but the jammy git from Saga had the ball rebound to his feet for him to smash it home. No defensive cover whatsoever...Anyway the last 10 minutes was great, after the goal it became exciting,Verdy pushing on for the equaliser, Morimoto went close but the Tosu guy just got a foot in sending his shot high and wide. Five before the end, a cast iron penalty was awarded after one of our boys (couldnt see who) went down and Marcus stepped up to open his account for the Boys in Green. 1-1 to finish BORING BORING BORING game (again) till the last 10 minutes. Dunno what to say about Ramos, our team is crap,as the saying goes you can`t polish a turd...J2 is a lock for next season after todays performance. Fair enough, to play with 10 men for the second half, go a goal down and NOT lose is comendable but,to play the game against Yokohama and the first 45 minutes of crap against Tosu today does not bode well.At the start of the season our strikers were firing on all cylinders and whatever was lacking at the back was covered by this.However the boys up front have been in a slump recently and its not as if they have been missing chances, they havent created anything. Coupled with our perenially/traditionally/genetically crap defence this brings us to our current predicament...Onwards and Upwards!! The Boys March On!!

ps Dunno what you mean about the customer service!! The guy on the door was most accomodating when letting us in with a couple of six packs hidden in my bag under my daughters raincoat,didnt seem to even want to check!! Also my little girl won a new flag (to replace the one from the Emperors Cup Final which she demolished) and a Verdy womens document file thing in the free draw.Its all good!!

SMB said...

They were actually alright tonight......i bought the stupid membership card which gives me nothing I guess except e-mails from the website. the 1969 seats are awful......I dunno why they don't open up the bottom rung in the middle.

It's funny, I didn't see your post until after I put the game report up and it looks about the same.