Wednesday, March 01, 2006

T-MINUS 72 hours and counting

Well, 3 days until the Ramos era officially begins. Already 15000 tickets have been sold for the season opener (myself included). Last year for the J1 campaign, Verdy only sold 14,100 and change for an average game, so the Ramos buzz is working. I'll have a game preview up tommorow.

Speaking of looks like the petals are completely off the is a collection of the many faces of Takagi, plus a glimpse of the Ramos poster in the back.


Nick said...

Shocking!! Im speechless....Ill will be chewing on the remnants of my hat unles he can grow it back by Saturday. Im not able to get there on Saturday because of work but one of the good things about being in J2 is that they are live on Sky tv every week.I have wrestled with the mountain of cables and Im tuned in ready to go.Looking forward to it now. The earlier bad feelings have been banished,the doubts have gone and at least till 2.00 on Saturday the boys are gonna be alright. C`mon the Boys!! I can`t go till April 29th unless my company burns to the ground in a mysterious blaze.....

SMB said...

Unfortunately, I don't have cable or sky perfect so I either have to go to games or stay up until 3 am for the NTV replay.

Hat goes good with ketchup BTW!