Monday, March 27, 2006

The newbies in green

Here is a picture (via the Tokyo Verdy official website) of the two newest additions to Team Buzzard. Killoran is on the left, Hiki is on the right. I don't know who is in the back.


ultranippon said...

I like to watch them in the 11, can Killoran or Hiki be in the 11 men of the next match??


SMB said...

I'd like to as well but I don't think we'll see them much or at all this year because they both are only 18. Killoran has been training with Verdy for awhile and I'm guessing he'll be in the 11 for FC Gifu tomorrow.

I'm wondering about Masa Ono as well........his training is up soon so I wonder if he'll be offered a contract. Killoran is #41 by the way and Hiki is #42 so maybe they will sign Ono and give hime #40.