Sunday, March 26, 2006

Soilent Green Rankings- MARCH

The first month of J2 is in the books and two things are certain............Kashiwa is a strong, consistent squad and everyone else isn't. Saturday and sunday showed that up was down, left was right and Tokushima Vortis was a competent squad. are the rankings for J2 according to me.

1. KASHIWA REYSOL (1st place 4-1-0 13 pts 9GF 1GA +8)
Except for one mental lapse in game 1 against Shonan Bellmare, Kashiwa has been perfect. Balanced scoring and strong D. Hot like the sun!
Next up: Away Tokyo Verdy

2. SHONAN BELLMARE (5th place 2-1-1 7pts 4GF 4GA 0)
Shonan goes as far as Satoshi Yokoyama's foot will take bad game against Mito but the rest were strong.
Next up: Home Sagan

3. YOKOHAMA FC (4th place 2-2-1 8pts 3GF 2GA +1)
I imagine paint drying would be more fun to watch than an FC game at this point in time but they have strung together a 4 game unbeaten streak for former Verdian and Doha survivor Takaki.
Next up: Kazu Miura's Dance Party or Home Mito

4. TOKYO VERDY 1969 (2nd place 3-0-1 9pts 8GF 5GA +3)
Huge game coming up against white-hot Kashiwa. Midfield has been a problem but games against Vortis,Ehime, and Montedio have helped.
Next up: Home Kashiwa

5. TOKUSHIMA VORTIS (7th place 2-1-2 7pts 7GF 9GA -2)
Dropping former Verdy MF Jun Tamano seemed to do wonders because the team is winning and shutting people out after 2 rough starts.
Next up: Away Ehime

6. VISSEL KOBE (3rd place 3-0-2 9pts 8GF 7GA +1)
One word: ERRATIC! 3 wins are sandwiched between 2 awful blowout losses to Tokushima Vortis and Thespa Kusatsu. Baxter needs to get his guys to show up every day.
Next up:Home Vegalta

7. MITO HOLLYHOCK (6th place 2-1-2 7pts 5GF 6GA -1)
After a strong start, Mito is coming back to earth a bit...........Shonan was a big win but they follwed it up with a 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Vissel.
Next up: Away Yokohama FC

8. VEGALTA SENDAI (8th place 2-0-2 7pts 7GF 3GA +4)
Beat the teams they should and lose to the ones they shouldn't...........that's the definition of mediocrity. They should pick it up a notch.
Next up: Away Vissel

9. EHIME FC (10th place 2-0-3 6pts 4GF 6GA -2)
They seem to play everybody tough, but lack of depth, experience, and talent up front keeps them from being truly successful. Strong Defense so far
Next up: Home Tokushima

10. MONTEDIO YAMAGATA (13th place 0-1-3 3GF 6GA -3)
I'm rating them this high because they've been snakebitten by bad luck and red cards. 2 games in a row they've had to play a man down and they kept the games close. Leandro's injury will be something to watch.
Next up: Away Thespa

11. CONSADOLE SAPPORO (9th place 2-0-3 6pts 3GF 4GA -1)
Can't buy a win at home. The HULK suspension has really been a setback for them as well. They haven't been awful but they're nowhere near being good right now.
Next up: Sweet sweet relief

12. SAGAN TOSU (11th place 1-1-3 4pts 3GF 7GA -4)
Bad team, bad colors, just bad..................I would have them lower, but..........
Next up: Away Shonan

13.THESPA KUSATSU (12th pace 1-0-3 3pts 4GF 8GA -4)
The big Vissel win was followed by squat. It looks like the Omiya reinforcements are starting to fade.
Next up: Home Montedio

On the rise: Tokushima Vortis
Falling like a rock:Mito Hollyhock

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