Tuesday, March 07, 2006

J2 Around the League: Yokohama FC

In possibly the most disengenous press conference ever, Yusuke Adachi was given his walking papers by the good folks at Yokohama FC. In a first for the J League, Adachi was given a grand total of one game to prove that he could get the team to J1 this season. The Japan Times quoted team Vice President Hisao Sakamoto as saying that the 1-0 defeat to Newly promoted Ehime FC in no way influenced the decision to can Adachi. Yeah. Uh huh. Sure. Sakamoto did say that in its current state, Yokohama FC couldn't get promoted next year.

Here's a clue......when you have 39 year old strikers and other decrepit parts on your team, it's not the coach that's your real problem. You could hire Sir Alex Ferguson and your team wouldn't get promoted. It's the talent, Stupid!

Adachi is being replaced by a familiar face to Verdy fans. Former National team striker and Kazu running partner Takuya Takagi is taking over as head man. Takagi played for Verdy in 1998 and 1999 with Kazu, Nagai, and Ramos Rui.

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