Friday, March 17, 2006

Sattelite league news

Allright, let me begin by saying I can't spell sattelite.....I've looked it up about a thousand times and I still forget.........sorry!

Anyhow, Tokyo Verdy is planning on joining up in a new "reserve" league with two college teams, Urawa, and Yokohama FC. Hmmm, Urawa,Verdy, and Yokohama FC in the same league......maybe they will be in training for press attention, You know, how to get on every magazine cover after you didn't do anything and "Intro to Hype".

With the forfeiture of Aram Malang and Tobaccco Monoploy from the ACL, this left alot of open time for the 25 members who don't get to play regularly. It's a good chance to get in a game situation against J league talent from time to time. Former Vegalta head man and Verdy mainstay Satoshi Tsunami will be in charge of the squad.

Also joining in the fun will be two squads from the college ranks......the fighting divers of Tsukuba University and Ryutsukeizai University, whose slogan is.................wait for it.........BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME! I can't make this stuff up .

I'm still guessing that they are able to shut out Yokohama FC.

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