Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Little brother is back in camp

Shinji Ono's little brother is back in camp. We reported back before Guam that Masa Ono (above........not to be confused with Masa Chono, below) was training with the green machine. It seems the training was cut short for the trip.

Ono has been trying to catch on in the J- league since 2002, when he came back from Germany as a young lad of 17. Ono has had trials with Urawa, Kobe, Albirex, and Shimizu.

If Ono is signed to the squad......he will be player number 408 and wear the pi sign as a number........no, not really. He would be player number 40 and probably be assigned number 40.

It would be great for Verdy because they could put him on the cover of those crappy soccer mags with his brother.....WHO IS ALWAYS ON THE COVER! Kind of makes me long for the days of Hide Nakata worship.

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