Saturday, March 11, 2006

An eyewitness account of the Bell-ringing

From time to time, I like to take the comments out of the comments box and give them their due. Verdy fan and most frequent poster, Nick has some views on the Bellmare game.

Without further ado.........Nick

nick has left a new comment on your post "VERDY gets their bell rung": I watched both league games so far on TV and they have both made for dissappointing viewing. first up against Tokushima. A great result but a very poor performance. We had a grand total of one chance in the first half. To be fair the opposition were equally crap!! I spent most of the game wondering whether I could stomach a whole season of "schoolboy" football.Mistakes aplenty,simple passes gone astray,aimless punts upfield, the play seemed to be in slow motion for most of the game. 7,000 odd people in the Olympic Stadium DEPRESSING!! TV coverage constantly focused on Ramos (completely annoying) and "Ramos Verdy" GRRRRRRR!!!!! Anyway I think we used a lot of luck in that game, our few half chances hit the back of the net, theirs didnt. Still, top of the league after one game, can`t complain too much. This brings me to yesterdays game.First half we were looking good and had a good look about us, confident,assured and Bellmare didn`t have a shot on goal virtually until they scored. (Decent goal not really keepers fault), The goal did seem to bring Bellmare alive and start to pressure us a lot towards the break.When they went in 1-0 down at the break I still thought they`d be ok after a cup of tea at half time. Not to be though, a lively second half brought about a good deal of chances and attacking play from the Bellmare side of the field and litle by little less assured stuff from our boys. We had a few half chances but the forwards huffed and puffed a lot without making the keeper earn his money. The second goal was a well worked counter attack in injury time, the ball was in the Bellmare box, they broke clear had a two on two with the legendary Verdy back line...they finished it well, keeper had no chance. In summary, I`d say the second game was a far better game to watch,even though the end result wasn`t what was required. Its gonna be a LONG season.....have to say also, the weather looked great in Hiratsuka spring is here!! Summer evening footy, beer and the boys in Green. A great combination. The wife was shocked at Takagi being omitted from the line up, she has been to a few matches with us and noticed his barnet, when presented with no Afro keeper she wondered upon his whereabouts and was shocked to hear of him on the bench!! Not the same without Takagi to moan about!!

Well said, Nick!

I'd also like to thank the people from 22 countries for visiting Soilent Green......didn't know verdy had fans in Myanmar!

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