Saturday, April 26, 2008


Watched the game last night at ohhh 3am and saw what happened.

Verdy looked real chippy, taking Nagoya on at every turn. while in the first half it looked like Nagoya had the better of play, Verdy held their own. One sign that had me worried was a lack of skill on their short passing game. It seemed like the midfield was giving up way too many turnovers with lazy passes.

The second half saw Hattori float one in the box to Diego, who stumbled, causing the Nagoya defender to lose his footing and fall down. Diego recovered and put in a fairly tepid shot which Narazaki reacted far too late to and Verdy scored. Very soft goal. Diego then started crying for some unknown reason which kinda freaked me out.

The second goal was a thing of beauty. Wada boomed one from about the half line and sent it into the box for the pre-pubescent Kawano, who got past his man and headed a rocket past Narazaki. Great goal, excellent effort and nice cross. That kid is a pretty special player.

Oh, yes.......3 points at home for Verdy which puts them in 16th. Also it puts them in first in the Kappa standings with the loss by Consadole.

Next week is a Tuesday match away to Albirex Niigata. Hulk and Tomisawa will be back. Fukunishi will be out with card accumulation. He kinda gets on my nerves with his complaining. Between him and Hulk, Verdy should see alot of cards this year.


Ultranippon said...

I saw the second half and I think that although Nagoya had the ball possession and played better, Verdy was more effective.

It seems this season's playing style is based on counter-attacks so if we have this effectivity up and play seriously we hope we can stay at J1 next season without problems :)

This guy Kawano remember me Messi its a very special talent!

See you and good luck next match!

Verdy Gaijinista said...

It looks really promising and hopefully the boys in green can build on the confidence that will naturally come from beating the league leaders. Hopefully, they will now have a bit of belief and will start to work as a team. A victory against Yokohama on Saturday and our season will be well and truly kick-started.

Forza Verdy!

UltraVerdy said...

Great win for us.
just saw the game.
Kawano youngstar !
A travel to Niigata tomorow, with Hulk!
It's great to be in green !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi ultranippon and ultraverdy if you are around, is it Spain you guys are from?? How do you guys see the games?? I have a friend who used to come to the games but now lives in the UK who wants to watch. Any suggestions most gratefully recieved!!
(ps sending videos etc every week is too much of a pain in the arse..)

Anonymous said...

Well we are down to Niigata this afto..tough one to call. Niigata are perhaps this seasons bad boys (on the various blogs at least!!) after some serious diving, faking and downright skullduggery against first Kyoto and then Consadole, Verdy and especially Hulk are going to have to be on the lookout!! Hulk picked up 2 nothing yellows and got himself a nice long ban in the process last time out. Niigata will be looking to exploit that today I think. After the last time out, I feel Harashitani deserves a tip of the hat, he mixed it up went with a 4-4-2 as opposed to the 4-5-1. We had more up top and I think this could spell the end of the dreaded Funakoshi on his own being responsible for our attacks. Hurrah!! Leandro is still weak in my book, he runs about a lot but I can`t re-call him testing any keeper all season. He had one such chance against Nagoya when put through by a horrendous throw in from Nagoya and screwed his shot when one on one with the keeper. Doi regained a bit of credit after his abject day against Reysol, he had some nice saves and did nothing to blot his copybook. Diego, yup the crying bit was all very strange but I guess it was just sheer relief, he has been SO unlucky with his chances, he`s hit posts/bars/joints and had a number of quality saves pulled off when he`s been clean through. Last season these would have been in the net but this year he hasn`t had the luck.Hopefully until now!! 3 points and nothing less is needed today!! Hopefully a hatful of goals and no slimy sendings off, penalties or diving from either side. hough I won`t hold my breath. Unfortunately, gone are the days when you could honestly kick lumps out of each other in the knowledge that anything short of broken limbs would result in nothing more than stern ticking off from the man in black. These days the diving, rolling round and general cheating is hard to take. I feel if a player is sent off through someone faking an injury/contact, that player has every right to return to the offender and have a "free shot" to make sure he`s getting sent off for something worthwhile. Gets my goat it does!! Grrrr!! C`mon the Boys!!!!

UltraVerdy said...

Hi Nick !
I'm from France ;-)
I can see the games via ben sports, a web television from Philippines. And via Sopcast.
Half time at Niigata, still 0-0.
C'mon VERDY, c'mon Boys in Green !!!
See ya mate.

Ultranippon said...

Hi Nick!

I'm from Spain but I see the games as our French friend Ultraverdy via Ben Sports 1 with Sopcast :).

This channel put some J-League matches (generally 3 matches per week), if we are lucky we can watch a Verdy match^^.

I'm really happy to watch my dear Tokyo Verdy :D.

Next match we will see if this draw is good or bad, if we win I'm sure we will scape from the bottom with this 7 points in 3 matches :).

See you! Come on Verdy!!