Saturday, April 05, 2008

Chatroom fun Password: ruyramos

Gora from the Sanga blog has graciously set up this chat room for all gametime discussions. If you would like, please pop in and discuss Verdy and Hulk.

Also, Shintaro Kano reveals that another former Hulk club, Consadole Sapporo, was hot on the heels of the bombastic striker.

See ya in a few!


Nick said...

Thought Id write at halftime as I can`t be arsed watching 15 minutes of ads and "Gambarre Kobe" nonsense. Half time at Home Stadium and it could be 6-0 Verdy!! I am not exaggerating when I say we have completely dominated from the opening kick off. The attack force of last year is back!! Hulk set the marker early on with a strike from nowhere to test the keepers fingers. He hit the post with a thunderous free kick (and has also skied about 4 others...) Diego hit the bar with a powerful header. The Kobe keeper has pulled off two fantastic saves, one from Kowano who has deservedly kept his place after Wednsdays promising start and one from Diego which I was sure would go in. Hats off to him, top keeping. So to the goal, Hulk was busy on the right flicked in a harmless looking cross, the Kobe defender fluffed his lines and succeeded in clearing it directly to Kowano. The ball looped over, was hit full on the volley, first time into the bottom corner. A sweet strike and great to get your opening goal so early. This is a different team to anything Ive seen this season, the confidence which prevailed last year seems to have returned. Kobe have offered nothing so far, a couple of long range efforts early on, a bicycle kick from Okubo which went for a throw in and thats it. Hulk is also drawing foul after foul, Ill be surprised if Kobe finish with 11 men. They can`t stop him so they inevitably bring him down. Kiwano is so confident for a 17 year old, very fast and can beat a man with ease.An excellent half, lets hope we can finish them off second half........

UltraVerdy said...

Great Live recap Nick !
Great win for us, 1-0. First win of the season. Good stuff ;-)

Nick said...

Well, second half over, 3 points and first win on the board.Second half talking points, more rocket shooting from Hulk including a stunner from just outside the centre circle (I kid you not..) that thundered off the joint!! A great day for the guy he did everything but score. The second half was an altogether more even affair, Kobe got their act together after what must have been a rollicking at half time. Okubo could and should have equalised when,with the open goal at his mercy, he could only succeed in getting his legs tangled up and was robbed of the ball. He was first in the bath too after being shown a straight red for a flying elbow on Tsuchiya. I thought he was very unlucky although he DID catch him. To be honest we got all the desicions today, Kobe were also denied a penalty after a definate handball from Wada on the edge of the box.Lots of fouls and rolling around from both teams today but an entertaining game nonetheless. The relief at the final whistle was obvious to see on the Verdy bench all smiles and handshakes.I reckon Hashiratani will be getting the beers in tonight and Ramos passing round the cigars.If we had conceeded a late equaliser, it would have been a real sickener dominating the first half and missing so many chances, that would have been tough. As it is though, we are up and running, out of the relegation zone and looking OK. What a difference 500,000,000 yen makes!! I say we missed lots of chances today but this is fine. Up until today we weren`t creating any and on another day these chances will rattle the back of the onion bag. Next up FC Tokyo!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to contact the writer of this Soilent green blog?

I would really like to know what team Verdy is going to startwith against FC tokyo.

くれくれ厨 said...

金持ちってスゲー( ゚д゚)ポカーン

Nick said...

well moving on to the Tokyo Derby... the first half an absolute snorefest. Somebody correct me if I am mistaken but neither goalkeeper made a save?? Boring! Boring Boring!! NOTHING doing from either side until Hulk won a free kick on the edge of the FC Tokyo box. Diego teed it up to make the angle and the boy Hulk curled it round the keeper for a 1-0 lead. Cue the crap rocking the baby celebration...dear oh dear, next guy who does it should be shot for sheer unoriginality. In the World Cup 15 years ago for Brazil, OK it was cool, now its just rubbish. Anyhow, on a score basis I was happy at half time and chuckled that I had been pissed off to not be able to make the game because of work.
On to the second half, started as before though with increasing regularity, the play was getting further and further towards the Verdy goal, this is not to say that Doi was being tested in any way, just that the crap game was being contested nearer to our goal than theirs. Diego (after being played in brilliantly by Hulk)had a glorious chance to put us 2 up 10 mins or so after the break only to fire at the keeper from just inside the box.This was made 100 times worse when around the 60 minute mark FC Tokyo, lashed in a corker. Quick 1-2 outside the box and Hanyu (I think) hit it first time on the volley, Doi got his fingers to it but it wasn`t enough. An excellent strike and the marker for the last 30 minutes. We were at full stretch for the last third with little going forward. The other team in Tokyo were REALLY pressing but fortunately they struggled with the final ball big time. Their guy! hope he didn`t cost much on todays performance. Anyhow Verdy wouldn`t be Verdy without messing things up in injury time. To be fair they had battered us for the last 30 minutes since their goal and although its always a sickener to lose in injury time, it WAS on the cards. Own goal again im afraid... Even more annoying and made me want to puke was Hulks sending off!! Now we were very lucky last week with decisions but the opposite today, Hulk got his marching orders for THE most fussy yellows ever. The first a debatable foul ok,Ive seen them given, the second in the 93rd minute for jumping for a header!!If ANYONE can find an offence in Hulks second yellow card today, please write in.Is it an offence to jump within someones "personal space" now?? Sorry sir, yellow card, your armpits smell?? The Tokyo guy didnt go down, didnt feign injury, didn`t do anything, just carried on. Maybe the rocking the baby celebration was too much for the ref...We lost today but gave as good as we got. A draw would have been fair but since when have Verdy made things easy!!?? Its great being Green!!