Friday, April 25, 2008

2 hours till agony or ecstasy.

I've looked at the lineup for today's match against Nagoya......I'm gonna go with agony.

Here is the Yahoo prediction.

Iio (goal machine that he is)

Leandro (Maybe Verdy can get Francisimare back?)

Diego (Eventually he will start to score.......what year is unknown)

Ono (Speed he's about as dangerous as a kitten)

Sugawara (He's still on the team?)

Fukunishi (This year's Nanami? Has not done much as of yet and he would be the bookend kitten to match Ono)

Wada ( doing? I dunno but defense isn't one of the things)

Tsuchiya (has he finally hit the wall? Is he marginal now in J1? )

Nasu (Actually solid in the middle.....remember Hagimura is waiting)

Hattori (Is he this year's......ummm....Hattori?)

Doi (Does anyone else think that maybe it would have been better for someone like Kashiwa to sign him as a good backup and let Sugeno come here...........he's adequate but not really that great. It seems like he would be a good starter for an up and coming J2 team instead of one on the cusp of falling down)

Oh yeah, you are also playing the hottest team in Japan at the moment. Super!

Guests From other teams

Welcome! I actually love having visitors from other teams come in and voice their opinions. 2 things though............1. Try to watch the language a bit. Not real pleased to read F#$$$$ or S### on the comments. I'm not against the blue language but it looks a little unclassy shall we say (And this site is nothing if not classy......LOVEDOLL ahoy!!!!!) 2. Try and keep the (what do the kids call it these days? ) aggro down to a minimum......when did I become "BIG VERDY SOCCER"? The banter and smack talk are fine but please keep the hate down to a respectable level........I guess this goes for everyone. Again Bienvenue and welcome!

Finally......Christmas comes early

Saw this little gem on Yahoo Auctions

For only 248,000 yen you too can soak up the aura and scent of the AOD himself, Takuya Yamada. Dress up like the Exotic Terminater and pretend you too are going to battle to defend Yomiuri Nippon Verdy Kawasaki Chofu 1969 FC against the likes of Yokohama and ummm, Yokohama.

If anybody buys this you must take a picture of yourself in the full attire and after I'm done laughing, I will post in on the site......and laugh some more!

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Shizza said...

2-0 - fair play to you lot - bloody good result!