Friday, April 18, 2008

Get the Vaseline

Cause Wednesday night was a major league reaming. To be fair though, it was a B team that trudged out against Shimizu S Pulse in the Nabisco Glorified Satellite Cup in Shizuoka. Seriously, any coach that puts out an A squad in this competition in qualifiers should be fired. I was ecstatic over the results against Yokohama by my Ardija because #1 It means more playing time for the kids in the last 3 games #2 Players like Nishimura, Morita, and Aratani showed themselves to be truly useless in their one big chance to impress and #3 Other squads who do qualify, like say ohhh, Jubilo are much more likely to wear down mentally after getting run out of the quarters.

Verdy should be happy with this result. Here's a quick question.....of Ventforet, Sanfrecce, and Omiya, which team did not qualify for the Nabisco Quarterfinals? Omiya. Which team barely survived relegation? Omiya. Coincidence, maybe......but when you aren't a deep team, every extra game hurts you a bit more and more.

Nabisco Cup gets you a trip to Hawaii.......that's it. Look at who won in the past. Kashiwa, FC Tokyo, JEF Chiba with Amar Osim. Not a real big list of killers there huh.

So great, you won Nabisco Cup. Whadda you want, A Cookie?

Next up is the nefarious yellow beasts from Kashiwa. The last time the teams faced in J1 competition, Verdy got sent to the lower depths. Should be a blast!


Anonymous said...

Gonna be tough tomorrow, Hulk banned...who do we have up top?? Inoue was completely ineffective against Fc Tokyo, maybe Kowano will be fit. Funakoshi on his own is a definate non starter, so who do we pick?? Leandro for me hasn`t done much since he`s arrived.Hiramoto has been pedestrian at best...If Hulk is out we have NOTHING in the cupboard. Could be a long night me thinks.We need Hulk every game cos we struggle massively going forward without him.Reysol haven`t been great but Ill take a draw at this moment in time.

Anonymous said...

How about yourself Steve?? Fancy Verdy tomorrow?? Can the funds stretch to a double header??Omiya for yourself on Sunday Im guessing.

SMB said...

Can't do days of doubleheaders are dead and gone. I will watch the game though on Chiba Terebi though.

I do need to venture out to Ajinomoto though. Possibly the Tokyo Derby cup game against FCT.

I've never seen Verdy play live in J1.I've never seen them play Omiya either.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I wanted to see the Omiya game as it is nearby (though not this year.... Kunagaya??) and Omiya koen is a great ground. Work forbids this year unfortunately though. Ive got my name down for FC Tokyo, fancy a few beers there??

Ultranippon said...

Maybe Diego can play as a FW and Leandro as a MF. Leandro don't have goal as we saw the first matches.

So for me this will be a long morning xD

See you Steve and Nick!

UltraVerdy said...

Hello Guys in Green !
Verdy at Kashiwa.
Yuzo Funakoshi starter.

Let's Go Verdy !!!

dokool said...

5-1 against Kashiwa? This is why y'all can't have nice things. Maybe if you ask nicely J.League will put a mercy rule in place for the Nagoya match.

p.s. To the TVGR or whatever you're calling yourself, I'm still a student so find another way to fail at insulting me other than NOVA chants ;-)

大 乱 交スマッシュブ ラジャーズ said...

ちょww 普通のロー○。ンをあんな風に使うなんてどういうテクしてんだよww