Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vissel Kobe up next after another loss

The rags are all saying that we might see the Hulk system in action tomorrow against Kobe at HomeStadium.

Wednesday's game might have offered a clue as to what the team will look like for the foreseeable future.




Leandro Kawano

Tomisawa Fukunishi

Hattori Nasu Tsuchiya Wada


So Hulk, who managed to put up 13 shots in a reserve match against the kids yesterday in for Hiramoto. I'm actually wondering what will happen to Hiramoto now that Hulk is back. Last year he was finished before it started......would we possibly see another rental or will he be a 10 minute man?

Actually that brings up a good point...........who lost in this little acquisition?

Francisimare-Well, he's done already

Hiramoto- Similar style player and shows he and Hulk don't mesh well together.

Iio- Leandro gets his spot on the wing, fair or not. I'd say fair!

Chiba, Albirex, Consadole, Omiya, and others who were in a position to drop- Adding a big gum in the season hurts the lower level squads immensely. Without Hulk, it was pretty clear to see Verdy would struggle greatly......with him? Maybe still a struggle, but it won't be dull.

Also, if you get a chance, Nick posted another excellent review of the games. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Previous to the start of last season I was keen to see Hiramoto with Hulk up top but we never got the chance as he was shipped off to Yokohama early doors. I would still like to see them together, Hiramoto looks to have lost a yard of pace and was lumbering on Wednesday. That said, on his day he can be more than decent. It was through his effort that we managed the goal, didn`t give up chasing a lost ball and got lucky.Its just that his day has been a while ago. It would be good to see him get back on track. I think we have a decent option in that we can now go 4-4-2 if needed. I don`t like the 4-5-1 as its just TOO defensive. We look reasonably solid at times but if its breached then there is no way back. I have to say we have been passing it around well, Fukunishi still has a bit left in the tank and is the kind of firey player we need. He was getting really stuck in when we were behind on Wednesday, fiercely competetive. Had a bit of a set two with Nakayama, nothing more than handbags but shows that he`s up for the battle. I think once we can get a win on the board and get a couple of goals, we will be OK. After all the only way from here is up!!

SMB said...

The problem with going 4-4-2 is that you lose a midfielder and who do you pull? Diego can't play on the wings because he is dreadfully slow, Tomisawa is the only D mid of the 5. Fukunishi is kinda the same as Diego.

I think they might think about 3-5-2 again.