Tuesday, April 01, 2008

HE'S BACK!!!!!

The squad announced today that in hopes of shoring up this campaign and surging ahead they have brought in Dedimar.............Ahhh, April Fools was yesterday

No, actually Hulk is officially back.


And Francisimare is no more.

Here are 9 reasons why Hulk will be a better fit in Verdyland

1. He is in his natural position as a spearhead for the offense

2. He will get plenty of chances to touch the ball

3. He is surrounded by complimentary players like Diego and Leandro

4. He's not competing against another primadonna

5. He has a good relationship with Hashiratani and his boss

6. He's a shot machine on ateam that doesn't shoot.

7. He knows the system and it's tailor made for him

8. Strong leaders who have been there before, unlike Frontale

9. He's in Green


UltraVerdy said...

Fantastic News.
Welcome back mate !
With a lot of shots... and a lot of goals ! ;-)
We take on Jubilo Iwata today.

Anonymous said...

We took them on and lost... missed the first half but second half was evenly balanced , in fact id say we had the better chances. We went with Diego and Hiramoto up top and young Kiwano wide right in place of Hiroyama.No start for Iio tonight either. Kawano did well, looked lively and a decent prospect.The first goal was a weak punch from Doi, quick 1-2 in the Jubilo front line and lashed into bottom corner without a sniff of a challenge. Poor defending unfortunately. Second goal a stinker too, inswinger from the right, group jumped for it, looked like an own goal from our lads head to knock past Doi who was trapped in nomans land. Our goal was a scrappy affair Hiramoto running on to a long looping ball flicked out a boot to loop it over the advancing Kawaguchi to give us hope. Fukunishi missed a sitter from the edge of the 6 yard box with 5 mins to go, And that was that. Lots of huffing and puffing but no end product unfortunately. Diego also went close pulling a smart save from Kawaguchi and then Doi also got in a nice block from the resulting goalkick. Back to the drawing board unfortunately. Not terrible, at least we didn`t give up or capitulate, could have equalised too but wasn`t to be. We were also treated to the sight of "Gon" Nakayama getting out of his wheelchair and doddering around the field for the last 10 minutes. That must be a pain in the arse for Jubilo fans to be honest, ok he was a demon 10-15-20 years ago but now??? One sports-cut and sideboards does not a youngster make. Give it up man, its worse than Rocky VII...