Monday, March 26, 2007

Verdy B Sides-A double dose of scrub soccer

Yesterday saw the 2nd and 3rd team play against Kokushikan University and Ohara JaSRA soccer school

Wis they had done it today or tomorrow because I would have ventured out. MEDIA CENSORSHIP! BOO! Scheduling practice on a school day is just wrong!

Anyhow........lineups and scores for each game were as followed

Kokushikan game lineup

GK Shibasaki

DF Hagimura Sugawara Tomisawa Kaimoto
(I hope to never see this group in a game ever.......flashbacks from last year are already occuring)

MF Nagai Ono Sato Kanazawa

FW Hiroyama Inoue

Sato set up both goals as Hiroyama and Kanazawa both found the nets. However a relatively strong side only could tie the University students 2-2

JaSRA lineup

GK Muro

DF Fujita Killoran Sonoda Miyasaka

MF Shibasaki JR. Yamamoto* Bruno* Trialist*

FW Iio Yoshitake

This game wasn't even close as Verdy got 5 on the board. Iio again showed his mastery of lower level teams as he netted 2 more. Yoshitake and Shibasaki also netted goals for the C squad.

Taisei Fujita has got to be wondering what he did wrong to end up in the depths of Verdy Satellite hell.

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