Thursday, March 15, 2007

A preview of all things not Verdy

Here's the dirt on the LESS IMPORTANT contests in J2

Tokushima Vs Consadole- Vortis has been a mild suprise in their first two contests, pulling out a win and a tie. However, the results came against two teams that have to be considered lesser lights. Consadole rebounded from a tough game in Kyoto to beat a struggling Sagan Tosu in a defensive struggle. Reality will set in for Toksuhima...........if you can't score on Thespa, YOU WON'T SCORE ON SAPPORO

Consadole 2-0

Mito VS Thespa- WOW, this is gonna be one to TIVO so you can replay it over and over. Two teams who have not scored at all this year. Mito put in a credible performance against Montedio but fell just short. Thespa played Tokushima to a tough draw.

Tie 0-0

Montedio Vs Kyoto- When I saw Montedio this preseason, they looked really poor. However they seemed to have turned it on in the opening. Unlucky late PK cost them 2 points against Avispa. Kyoto meanwhile got held scoreless by a tough Shonan defense. Leanardo has been brilliant anchoring the back for Yamagata but I don't see the Paulinho/Andre tandem getting shut out 2 games in a row.

Kyoto 3-1

Shonan Vs Cerezo- Poor Satoshi Tsunami is hitting another defensive buzzsaw in Shonan, this time on the road. I think Shonan is gonna get their offense on track and get a couple on the board........Adiel, this means you!

Shonan 2-0

Sagan vs Ehime-Battle at the bottom----of Japan and the J league. Why Anderson isn't starting for a team that's been shut out two weeks running is beyond me. I also think the Tanaka sub plan has to be scrapped for Ehime.

Sagan 3-2.......They couldn't be this bad could they?

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