Thursday, March 29, 2007

J2- Games that don't mean as much

Allright let's take a look at games that don't involve Verdy!

Saturday games

Consadole Sapporo VS Cerezo Osaka- Well, the sleeping pink giants finally shook off a little of their slumber as they had a goal explosion of 3 against league disappointment Kyoto Sanga. Things look a bit tougher as they take on the lockdown defense of Consadole Sapporo, who hopes to extend their clean sheet streak to 5 games.

Expulsions: None

Prediction: 2-0 Consadole......I think the Kyoto game was a matter of finding the wrong team at the right time, I also think Consadole will be cracked.........Just not on Saturday.

Thespa VS Shonan- I'm seriously tempted to call this a 0-0 tie considering that Shonan always seems to go for 0-0 ties. Thespa seems to be feeling good after surviving for a 1-1 tie at first place Vegalta, but the magic is gonna wear off. Again look for Adiel to get on the board.

Expulsions: MF Kosuke Nakamachi-Shonan Bellmare

Prediction: 2-1 Bellmare........This is gonna be a virtual goal avalanche for Shonan.

Sunday Slugfests

Tokushima VS Mito- This one is gonna be a close game, as Mito has played bad teams well. Tokushima jumped out early in the season but has been in a small funk, only gaining 1 point in three matches. Mito also managed to get their only point of the season in their one road contest.

Expulsions- D Mid Shohei Ogura-Mito Hollyhock

Prediction- 3-1 Mito......I think this is a case of a bad team being overconfident against a seemingly weaker opponent. The teams are comparable in strength and both seem to be better on the road as opposed to home.

Game of the Day: Kyoto vs Avispa- This game is a case of must win for Kyoto vs a win would be nice for Avispa. I don't think Kyoto will be bad forever and Avispa seems to shrink at bigger challenges so I think we will see a purple revival.

Expulsions- FW Hiroyuki Hayashi-Avispa Fukuoka

Prediction- 4-2 Kyoto.......we saw the emergence of Andre last week and Paulinho is always dangerous. I think with Alex, this is gonna be an up and down affair. Actually, this game could go 4-2 the other way as well but I think the Cerezo turdblossom that Kyoto laid last week will be a wakeup call.

Ehime VS Vegalta- OK, Vegalta has been perfect on the road, Ehime awful at home. Vegalta is coming off a stunning tie to Thespa, Ehime has a very young squad that wilted under the Verdy attack. Vegalta needs the win to keep in front of Verdy, Ehime doesn't start their best offensive weapon. What do I think.........Mikan Juice for everybody!


Prediction 4-0 Vegalta.......Read above. Vegalta put up 20 shots in the 1-1 tie and 68 shots total on the season. Too much pressure for a young back 4.


Vendo Thefastlane said...

I hope your prediction this week is as accurate as your last one involving Mito!

SMB said...

I did nail it last week, didn't I? Whose the new defender you guys signed? Is he any good.....Nakazawa?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Seeing the timing, I am guessing he might be OK. It seems like he just became available out of college right now after graduation. My guess is that he didn't want to leave school and whatever clubs wanted him had to wait.

I don't know how good he might be, but I do know he continues the streak of painfully awkward profile pictures to go along with "Show Off Them Braces" and "Looks Like Choking on Candy".

Anyway, while scary at times the actual defense is holding together well enough coordination-wise, considering. I hope Nakamura is the kind of defender who can transition to the attaking side and avoid having the ball stripped, as that is what is needed the most at the moment.