Monday, March 05, 2007

Clips of the obliteration and EG rankings

Youtube has a clip of the highlights from yesterdays destruction

Check it out here

Also, El golazo rates the Verdy 14

Ramos 6.5
Takagi 6- Although he didn't have too much to do, he stopped a couple of rockets that could have changed momentum, I think a 6 is a little low for a shutout.
Fukuda 6
Tsuchiya 7.5-Man of the match by El Golazo
Togawa 6
Hattori 6.5

Ono-Ze Luis-Diego 6.5- WHAT? Seriously too high for three non factors on offense.....of the three, I'd say Ze Luis did the best.

Nanami 5.5- I'd say he was the best of the mids and they rank him lowest......again I am stunned by the mysteries of El Golazo

Funakoshi 6.5- O.K. the goal alone gets him this result and it was a pretty recovery for the big donkey.

Hulk 7.5- Man of the Match for Soilent Green

Sato 6.0- Inoue-NR Nagai NR (I'd give em both a 6 because they assisted on the last two goals

THE WINNING 11 (J2's Best according to the rankings of EG and interpreted by me!) 4-4-2

GK Takagi Tokyo Verdy 6
DF Hiromasu Kanazawa Mito Hollyhock 6.5
DF Yukio Tsuchiya Tokyo Verdy 7.5
DF Jungo Konno Tokushima Vortis 7
DF Leonardo Montedio Yamagata 6.5

MF Lopez Vegalta Sendai 6.5
MF Daiki Niwa Tokushima Vortis 7
MF Alex Avispa Fukuoka 7
MF Takanori Nunobe Fukuoka 6.5

FW Hulk Tokyo Verdy 7.5
FW Yasuaki Oshima Tokushima Vortis 7

Bench GK Junnsuke Schneider Vegalta Sendai 6/FW Andre Kyoto Sanga 6.5/FW Paulinho Kyoto Sanga 6.5/DF Chiago Kyoto Sanga 6.5/MF Shinya Tanoue Vegalta Sendai 6.5

Manager Pierre Littbarski Fukuoaka 6.5

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