Monday, March 26, 2007

The newest Blog in town!

During the world's slowest Verdy news weekend, I perused the internet (in between looking at porn) and stumbled across this little gem......BTW don't ask me how I found an English language site about Mito Hollyhock in between porn browsing.

Here it is! Mito Hollyhock News and Results by Vendo Thefastlane. The title is a bit bland and to the point but the site is great, I was actually stunned to see somebody putting that much effort into the J Leagues smallest team but I for one am glad that he's doing it.

Great site, check it out and I will put up a link!

My only request is that Vendo livens up the title, maybe a play on the AC/DC classic......HIGHWAY TO HOLLYHOCK? Ehh, it's his blog and he's doing more than fine without my rude it what you like, just keep it up!


Vendo Thefastlane said...
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Vendo Thefastlane said...

I appreciate this. I'll have to create a new links section for other teams and add yours.

The title's gotta stay unfortunately... Other Mito supporters use it for English study and it already has a pretty big readership for that reason, as well as the kitsch, I would think.

(If you post a link though, you can link it as "Highway to HollyHock", "Super Happy Fun Mito", "Perennial Enhancement Talent", or whatever... I'm just happy to get more readers who may help come fill out the stadium for once. 6/6/21 never forget.)

I still think Mito can beat any team in the country on the right day, and I know J1 promotion is only a matter of time. It's just so rare that the right day comes along, and I only have so much time to live!

Ultranippon said...

:o I didn't know there was a blog of Mito Hollyhock wrote in English, that's so interesting!

Good luck for Mito Vendo!

This weekend was a little boring without a match of Verdy, I have only watched the game of Vegalta(nice draw!) and the friendly match of the national team against Peru.

I really missed Tokyo Verdy :S

SMB said...

You and me both brother....I thought the time off from Verdy would do me a bit of good but man it was tougher than I thought!

Vendo Thefastlane said...

I deeply appreciate the link.

I'll see you at Kokuritsu on May 3, assuming I am not called in to work overtime. Oh, to follow a school schedule again... :)

f2ff said...

hi, f2ff is here to watch this weblog and find link to mine.

it's my honor to be in line with other great website.

thank you and i put my blog some link to yours, i hope you don't mind.

good season for verdy, and get promotion to J1

SMB said...


I talked about your blog awhile ago but never linked it. The OMIYA site (Go!Go!Omiya Ardija) and Mito News and Results also linked you.

Thank you for your well wishes and come in any time! Good luck to JEF this year as well.