Monday, March 19, 2007

Lots of news!

Let's get to it!

Verdy meets the Culture Club
Hey, you want me to stop with Boy George? Stop having matches against Yokohama Sports and Culture Club.
Anyhow long story short, Verdy crushed the lower division club 5-0. Goals were scored by Nozomi Hiroyama (with a hat trick) and Kazunori Iio (with 2....SHOCKINGLY!)
Also, the Ghost of Bad Defenses Past popped up for a runout......Shigenori Hagimura made an appearance in the second half of the contest.
More details (in Japanese) can be found here
I'll have the big Cerezo preview tomorrow. Here's a look at the other 5 matches for Wednesday
GAME OF THE DAY: Avispa Fukuoka VS Vegalta Sendai- After a successful stretch of 3 games against the higher end of J2, Tatsuya Mochizuki's lads finish the march of death against the rested and formidable squad from Fukuoka. Littbarski's boys are coming off a bye after a tough tie against Montedio Yamagata. Vegalta had a gut wrencher against Verdy in their only home game. I'm gonna with Alex and the rested team over Lopes and the road weary squad.
2-1 Avispa
Kyoto Sanga VS Tokushima Vortis- So Tokushima got rolled by a Consadole team a little light on offense and Kyoto has weapons aplenty waiting to fire. This will be one to wake the sleeping purple giant. It was a nice little run for Vortis but reality is about to hit.
5-0 Kyoto and a hat trick by Paulinho
Ehime VS Mito- Ehime is struggling to find an identity......Mito is just struggling. Go with Ehime
2-1 Ehime
Consadole VS Shonan- This is a tough one to call.....both teams are fairly similar in style and makeup. I think Shonan will steal a point in this one but ti's gonna be tough. Look for Adiel to be the man who puts it in.
Thespa VS Sagan- Can't lose em all can you Sagan?
2-1 Sagan


Nick said...

More news...Verdy gained another much needed supporter today,our lad Joe was finally born tonight.He`s a bit young to be there on Wednesday but Im sure he`ll be there in spirit!!

SMB said...

WOW.......congratulations! Good news! Mother and child both healthy?

Nick said...

yeah both doing fine,Cheers!

Pie - said...


I am looking to make contact with some of the Ultras from Verdy as i am visiting Tokyo in June and want to meet up and attend a game with them



Pie -Red Ultras said...

Are there any websites for the Japanese Ultras groups?

I am an ULTRA from Scotland and want to meet up to attend some matches when i visit Japan in June / July

Please email me at:


Pie - Red Ultras - Aberdeen FC

Ultranippon said...

Congratulations Nick!! :D