Friday, October 27, 2006

You are the weakest link...........goodbye

Ahhhhh...........You've been voted off the island. Uhhhhhh.......You're fired. No whammys? According to J Leagues official site, these three gentlemens services are no longer needed by the good folks at Tokyo Verdy 1969

According to the wire, Takaki Shigemitsu, a 23 year old project who has not appeared in any games for Verdy this year, Koji Maatsura, who put on two of the most pathetic displays of striker ineptitiude that I have had the misfortune of sitting through, and J League dinosaur Kenichi Uemura, who debuted for Sanfrecce Hiroshima in 1993 when the league started and had one pathetic performance in the 2006 campaign.

The J League wire is less than reliable, Basilio's release took a couple of months to come to fruition so who knows when the team will announce this has taken place.

Vissel tied Ehime in a thrilling 0-0 match......Ehime managed 3 shots on goal. The tie means that Verdy is virtually eliminated from winning the J2 championship.

Also El Golazo rated Ichiyanagis performance in the U-23s 2-0 win over U-23 China as a 6.....not too shabby!

Coming up next is Mito at AJINOMOTO.......i'll be in Komaba watching Omiya take on Tokyo's other gaseous team. FC Eneos. I will try to wake up a 4am and watch the NTV replay. No promises though.

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