Monday, October 23, 2006

Two results from below

First off.....Kazu1968 reports about the game against OME scores or results but an interesting setup

The team, bereft of Midfielders due to injury, first team use, and loans, went with a 4-3-3 formation loaded with defenders

FW Kiyama Maatsura

MF Ishikawa Yanagisawa

DF Hayama Shigemitsu
Aoba Nakano

GK Wakai?

I think this is what the system might look like next year. Ramos likes to use tweeners and threw in Saitoh in the "tip" of the diamond that Marcus sits in. If the team stays relatively unchanged, I imagine it will look something like this:

FW Silva Hiroyama (tweener)

Spear Marcus

Branch Ono Ze Luis

D mid Tomisawa

out D Ishikawa Kaimoto
central Togawa Ichiyanagi

GK Takagi

Bench: Tokizawa (GK), Kanazawa (D mid), Hiramoto (FW), Ohashi or Saitoh (offensive utility)
Fujita or Aoba (DF)

Youth team notches win #1 in the Sahara Cup

Playing in a 4-5-1 Verdy youth notched a 2-1 win over Urawa youth to get their first victory in three matches Yuki Kobayashi and Toshikazu Soya notched scores to lead the squad.

So that's nice.

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